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Feeling like going for a vacation with that special someone? Try this mocktail recipe to add a little charm into your precious moments. Want to make it even more special? prepare this drink as a surprise for your partner that is going to be thrilled (^_^). (more…)


If you think your morning commuter train is a pain in the arse, take a look at this video from Japan that I found on YouTube.


Next on the mocktail punch drink is the green mint served, frozen. The ‘twang’ flavor from the pineapple is balanced of by the sweetness from the honeydew and to top it all up a few mint leaves is added to give this drink a minty flavor at that too.  Beautiful 🙂

A few mint leaves
2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz honeydew juice
1 oz blue syrup

Method  :
Blend all ingredients with crushed ice
Glass     :
Brandy inhaler (to make it more fun, serve it in unusually shaped glass of your creativity)
Garnish  :
Honeydew stick or other colorful decorations of your creativity

*Mocktail’s wilder sister:
To give this drink a kick, give it a splash of vodka

A Minute of Silence

Posted: May 29, 2008 in icedlemontea RAW

Today there shall not be any posts for a sister’s lost and one is not that of much compose.. Much condolences to Mr. Anuar’s family for the lost of their second daughter Nurul, my a friend’s older sister. Having lost a pretty good friend has made me somehow understand what is she going through right now. Something so close and yet so far away got me thinking that to cherish the ones closest to us is what we should do until they aren’t with us any more. Which is to say that you don’t need to go far in search for somebody who cares for you when your love ones is so close one every beat of your heart. Much apologies for my lack for wording right now as I have so much to say somehow I  think faster than I write. Just to say here that to lost someone so close isn’t to mourn him/her every day but to keep on living as they would want you to make the best of you life.

Indeed life is short so, make the full of it.

‘Here in my home
I’ll tell what it is all about
There’s just one hope here in my heart
One love undivided
That’s what it’s all about’..

It’s a snippet from the lyrics of the music video made by Malaysian Artistes For Unity. I must say, this is a pretty nice song by Pete Teo. Low budget+ great song + sporting people = Fabulous music video. What can I say more? Maya Karin, Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Jason Lo, Ning Baizura, Suki, Reshmonu, Reefa, Jaclyn Victor, models, actors, arts students, poets.. and the list goes on.. about 120 of them and yes, they were all in it.

              Basically it’s a marvel that under all the chaos of the political scene and recent ‘win-win'(said by Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim) ruling by the ICJ and the destruction of cyclone Nargis in Myanmar and not to mention the earthquakes we are able to stick together as one people, one nation.

               Call me mushy or whatever you want but heck, I just LOVE this music video. What we are lacking here now is just.. LOVE. Simple. With LOVE, hearts can be touched, friendships can be made and even trees could grow.

               So, spread some LOVE now! Tell the person who sits beside you now or your partner, boyfriends, girlfriends, you parents or even the first person who’s going to come into the room. Tell them that you love’em, no matter what happen you are going to get through it together and be each other’s pillar or shoulder to cry on. If your partner’s out of town or studying abroad, go and pick up the phone or sms them that you’ll always love them!

Because LOVE, it just UNITEs people 🙂


PS- You can download the music video and also the song, here! 😀

Peach Velvet, a mocktail that is served well, frozen. All the flavors of sweetness and a little bit of sourness from the guava are blend together with ice just adds a twist to this mocktail giving it a velvety flavor that is going to pamper your taste buds. Simply lovely.. ahh~ 🙂 (more…)

In the meanwhile there are bigger things to worry about now approximately hundreds of other islands and reefs to fight over of of the coast of South China Sea that Malaysia could lose if nothing is done to claim them. As the claim of ownership extends beyond islands to marine features such as reefs and even rock formation visible only during low tides, the total number could exceed thousands. According to the NST today, a maritime expert said that the most urgent were about 100 islands, reefs, rocks and other marine features lying in the South China Sea, Straits of Malacca and off Sabah. (more…)

Middle RocksSo Singapore has Pedra Branca and Malaysia has got her Middle Rocks and based on the newspapers’ publications it has shown that Malaysian fishermen now can also enter freely into the rich waters around Middle Rocks. How about South Ledge now? The court, in 15-1 majority, held that Malaysia had ownership to Middle Rocks and in a 15-1 majority, also ruled that sovereignty over South Ledge belonged to the ‘state in the territorial waters of which it is located’.  (more…)

So you have the mocktail drinks recipes and you don’t want to just serve it in regular plastic cups, do you?(don’t even think of that!) Why not try on some of these tips to give your mocktail drinks special effects. They are simple, cute and did I mentioned that they are totally EASY? Give it a go! 😀 (more…)

..or rather, sip it in 😉 Alright! This is the 3rd mocktail recipe for you guys. The lemon juice adds a little bit of a ‘twang’ to the natural sourness of the cranberry juice and the sweetness from the grapefruit. Mixed it up, shake it well and you will have a summer drink perfect for the seaside breeze. Hey, it isn’t called as the ‘Sea Breeze’ for nothing eh? Enjoy! 😀 (more…)