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To be loved is to loved, and love is to be loved.

It’s not the matter of love alone that makes the humanity special, it is the feeling of humanity and the feeling of indifference towards the world that lead to love being…special.

My Name is Khan, never ceased to oppress the feeling of love in the movie and it captures its intensity when an autism person tries to proof that he’s not a terrorist when the world thinks otherwise.

For a person of such caliber acting, Shah Rukh Khan defies the current perception of the world to autisms, proving that they too can express their love.

It’s not about religion, it’s not about wealth, it’s not about politics, but love alone can withstand the ridicule of a cruel world.

For every reason that it is love isn’t over rated.

Without love there isn’t mankind and without mankind there isn’t any love.

Love, to begin with… is to love.



‘…it’s raining, it’s raining, gotta find a way to get away (get away), gotta find a way to get away (get away)…’

Amidst the flooding and all, it’s ironic for this song to pop out.

I was channel surfing this morning (I’m still when I had my breakfast and stumbled upon a music video on Channel 5.

It is rare enough to see music videos been played on Channel 5 (unless for a benefit of some sort) but ah, I reckon this music video has its cause too… but I never seemed to catch who the singer is, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her somewhere.

Of course, she was that girl from Singapore Idol Season 3!

Sylvia Ratonel!

Bloody hell, I love her in SI!

Anyway back to the VC, It’s Raining by Sylvia Ratonel, catchy tunes, easy to follow sing-along song. A fair try for this Euro-Filipina descent from Singapore.

Quite bubble-gummy I think SR can do better.

To balance the song the male model in the VC should be used more enhance his character to portray the whole song.

Yes, this VC is to highlight SR and emphasis should be given to her but I think the storyline for the song does not have to fall by the wayside.

The model character can be expanded more than just, a model, for the VC.

Overall, easy-listening song I’d say.

Anyways, less talk more seeing.

You can check out SR’s Official Youtube channel (just found out about this) here!

I dreamt of you again.

We were in a car. Driving somewhere. You held my hand on your lap.

We were talking though I’m not sure what was it about.

I’m not sure too that every time I dreamt we, were in a car. Friggin boring. How can I control this?

I felt you, I felt your touch again, grazing your palm on my cheek, your scent.

We were together again, though just for a little while.

I opened my eyes.

It’s Wednesday and I’m going away now for a while.

Til’ a full moon’s time.

I dreamt of you again. And it felt good.

I miss you.


ROBIN THICKE- A world without borders, a world without worries. RT sure knows how to do it affectionately.

Our own dreamworld…

Ahh… What a great world it would be. Yurp, It’s not just sex, woman, and love that attracted this fella to his songs but about a world without borders.

Yes, we do and still love MJ for his absurd ways and making headlines for the press but he contributed to the makings for the world that we would be better living in.

Talks about dreamworld and how it would be like when colour is just a matter of black and white and nothing is to be taken for granted, RT sure dip his feet for humanity.

Then again, every artist that doesn’t live in this world have their own say about world peace.

Cliched as it sounds, a peace frame of mind would be better for me too…

and for you.

Dreamworld by Robin Thicke

ROBIN THICKE - Sensuously done in the utmost sexiest manner. Love it.


Pardon for the quite controversial title.

But don’t let it cloud your mind. With nice full-falsetto voice, Robin Thicke has what it takes to seduce a woman in a song.

Don’t mean to buzz your ass JT, but you have been kicked in the butt by RT.

Soothing quiet songs, RT seems to play it a little closer to to home, as in his sexuality.

Man, this guy knows his and he ain’t afraid of showing it to the world, baby!

And the thought of it so refreshing to hear male artists begin to celebrate the WOMAN again, and challenge the trend of bravado, objectivity, and misogynistic lyrics, by allowing true love and vulnerability speak their heart’s thoughts!

Robin Thicke has successfully captured the true essence of romance in many if his songs.

And many to my favourite too. ENJOY!

Sex Therapy by Robin Thicke

Listened to one of my favourite singer/songwriter, Corrinne May: Leaving.

It kind of struck me of my life.

Have you ever felt of how you have been pushed through many things that are not even of your concern? I did.

Promises are just some cans that sound louder because they’re empty. I had enough of it.

A few years ago…

And one day I told myself that it’s time to wake up, shake it all up and YOU, YOURSELF deserve better than this.

And it felt good.

I don’t need your sympathy, I don’t need your lying promises, I don’t need nothing that will bring me down again!

Since then, I did the things that I want that I need that I feel happy about accomplishing it. And I never look back.

But cliched as it sounds, your past will keep on chasing you and it is up to you whether to shut it all out or accept it.

I chose to select it. Yurp, select it.

Hey, it’s your life and you deserve to be happy!

Why must you welcome with open arms to those who have had brought you down, to those who used you for their own muse and to those who had made your life miserable?

And now they want to be in your life back because theirs’ are lousy?

Yeah, I can patch it up but that’s that.

But then again, though change is hard, it is for the better and everybody deserves their chances.

Even though their actions had traumatized you emotionally. You’ll get through it because in some ways, all the things that had happened to you had made you stronger and not be anybody’s fool.

Til’ then, don’t give up, keep growing and make your own path.

I should share with you this song as hers had changed how I perceived my life for quite a while now, and I AM CONTENT~

Leaving by Corrinne May

I dreamt of you last night. It felt so real; Your voice that I longed to hear again, your smell, your touch, your gazing my eyes. . . We talked random things and we laughed though I couldn’t recall what we were talking now. I know it wasn’t real. But it was nice. . .’seeing’ you again, cuddling and holding each other’s hands once more. I dreamt of you last night. And it felt so real. . .

A lover’s note.

P/S: I love you.

I stumbled on this when I was browsing through and thought it would be a good idea to share with you.  If you’re looking for the right one, this is the advance tip for you but if you are currently IN one, this is the best thing yet to come for your relationship.  Whether you’re in a normal relationship or even in a long distance relationship, infidelity can occur in either way but if you stay strong and put your trust in it, you will succeed. So here they are, 5 essential tips to prevent infidelity and to a better communication with your beloved. Hope it helps! 🙂

I love you

I love you

Be each other’s number one confidante
You shouldn’t be sharing private thoughts with others that you’re not sharing with your beloved.

Make time to connect on a regular basis
Daily moments of connection help you build a sense of togetherness and shared purposes. Think SMSing, e-mails, webcams, friendster, facebook or other such accounts. For a more ‘touched’ action, try the original ‘snail mail’. Aren’t like the electronic alternatives, snail mails can be recorded and the best part is, they won’t ‘dissappear’ because some virus just ate all of the documents… except if you have a dog that likes to eat papers of course, hehe~

Don’t let family time squeeze out just-the-two-of-you time
Family yes, they are VERY important. But seriously, do you want to spend ALL your dates with your beloved WITH, your family constantly watching behind you? Err~ I think I want my privacy with mine yes, thank you.

Recognize when you’re temporarily attracted to someone else
It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your relationship…or that you have to act on it. My advice au contraire, let your inhibitions out when you’re with your beloved and flirt with’em like you never did before.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your relationship
If you’re ever tempted and don’t feel like you can tell your mate, you’ll have someone else to confide in who will steer you straight. And if one of you does stray, you’ll have a strong support network to help you put your relationship back together.


On a yacht, under the colorful stars with exquisite dinner for 2. Yacht sets into a romantic scene.

Boy talks to girl:

Boy : You’re the one that I’ve waited for so long
(Gives the girl a bouquet of white flowers with a red one just in the middle)
Girl: (smiles and receive the flowers) This night is… perfect
Boy : Perfect night for a perfect girl of mine
(scoop some strawberry chocolate ice-cream and feed it gently to the girl) I love you
Girl: I love you too, so much (smiles with stars in her eyes)

Suddenly… (more…)