Crazy Japanese Train Loaders, SERIOUSLY

Posted: May 30, 2008 in Life, Reviews & Poetries
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If you think your morning commuter train is a pain in the arse, take a look at this video from Japan that I found on YouTube.

Oh no, they are not pushing each other like a sardine can, they’re just making their 😉 It was taken in 1991 when everyone in Tokyo needed to get to work by 9.00 am sharp. Now in 2008 Ochanomizu station hasn’t changed much on certain lines especially on Ueno station, Yamanote line towards Akhibara.

Well, on the upside it is extremely fuel efficient. All that fusses about fuel prices shot high up, why don’t we try and take the alternative way eh? Besides doing the part to prevent global warming, you will also get to save your $$$ a lot more.



  1. andyqpr says:

    Ok, I will do that 🙂 There is a lot to discuss! … lol

    I see what you mean, instead of everybody taking personal transport it would help but as you know, public transport in England doesn’t always run effieciently! Which is why alot of people try to avoid it.

    Thankyou for taking interest in my blog, it is much appreciated!

  2. andyqpr says:

    I have added your blog to my blogroll too 🙂
    I was just reading your ‘About’ page and I am fond of your take on life.

  3. Emilie says:

    Wow, I took the LRT from KLCC today, and wow, it was pretty darn packed. But the transportation system in Japan is so much more reliable than in Malaysia. Sigh. Well, we got Vision 2020!

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