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F Minus

Anyone with tap dance experience will find honk dance very similar

PS:  I have this course in my programme that my batch are acquired to publish a magazine. My batch has only 27 people. This is our last semester here in Jounalism programme before flying off for our internships. Chief Editor. Sounds frightening. Even more when you have to delegate tasks to a bunch of your friends. Meeting deadlines, creating graphics and layout for the magazine, producing articles are just all in a day’s work. Plus we have our academic writing to complete before semester ends. And it’s before 21/04! Progress now? we have to learn this new software (not new to ME but for my friends) and use it for when editing our layouts. We used a similar software before but this is a new one and frankly speaking not all in the bunch has the competency to process new skills you know? GOSH! AHHHHHHH!!!!! How am i going to do about this!!!?? (this is the part where I am screaming my lungs out)

That's Life

P/S: Reminded of how I use to play roleplay games in my younger days~ I would play the chef and others will come as customers. My speciality; steamed veges with mystery spices. I’m in college now studying Jounalism and my speciality; Burger special ala icedlemontea! since I don’t really have the time to spend in the kitchen because of assignments. haha!


P/S: They think you know everything but you don’t. You’re not a moving dictionary nor an encyclopedia. Own up to yourself and don’t let them step on you. Nuff’ said.