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Four Christmases I saw ‘Four Christmases’ today and it was HILARIOUS! Starring Vince Vaughn(Brad) and Reese Witherspoon(Kate) playing an upscale very happy unmarried couple from San Fransisco who ‘lies’ each Christmas to their family to spend vacations together.

‘You can’t spell ‘families’ without ‘lies’, right?’ – Brad

However their carefully planned Fiji trip for this Christmas was interrupted by the heavy fog that cancelled all the flying trip out from San Fransisco.

Somehow unable to escape from the situation, they have to undergo not one, not two but four relative-chocked festivities that had left them to rewind back to their childhood fears and weird moments.

As they went through it all, they slowly somehow learned the happiness that babies bring to married couple. Things went a bit strained when Kate brought up the ‘marriage’ topic in one of their conversations.

Babies vomitting, loads of wrestling techniques(believe it or not they seemed real enough to me), throwing kids(literally) and. . .pregnancy test. Yes, plus a whole lot of comedies and there you have it, a romantic comedy movie fit for this Christmas season. Worth the watch if you also enjoy ‘Bedtime Stories‘.

*SPOILER!: Somehow Kate had cooties and gone to fat camp and Brad’s real name was Orlando. (O.o)

Bedtime Stories

Where can you find an alien, a Greek battle, a red ‘cherry ferrari’ horse, a damsel in distress and a cowboy? It’s the ‘Bedtime Stories’ of course!

Played by Adam Sandler as Skeeter Bronson, the son of an ex-motel owner,Marty Bronson, who was forcefully ‘handed’ his motel to Barry Nottingham for the fear of bankruptcy.

Made a promise to Marty to give his son -8yrs old that time-, Skeeter,run his hotel when he’s grown up Barry Nottingham broke his and gave for the last 25years the job of running the hotel to his soon-to-be son in-law, Kendall, who’s dating his daughter, Violet, at that time.

Skeeter’s dream of becoming a manager of the hotel was once again shattered when Barry Nottingham announces that Kendall will be managing the new luxury hotel that he’s going to build soon.

But Skeeter’s -just the hotel handyman at the time-  gets his hope when he started to babysit his sister’s two children, Patrick and Bobbi. He soon realised that the bedtime stories that the kids made up with him before bed turn out to be a reality the next day.

With the help of the kids -they don’t know that their stories were going to be real- Skeeter slowly made his chances to be a manager of the new hotel.

Things get twisted when he gets to know that the hotel will be build on the school site where his nephew and niece are attending and studying.

Losing the girl -who’s fairest of them all- and the trust of both of his nephew and niece, Skeeter tried his best only to know that the school will be blown off in approximately, 13minutes.

With loads of comedy and the presence of Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler truely makes everyone in the theatre hall holding to their sits laughing from the beginning til the end.

A comedy movie that you don’t want to miss for the start of this new year, ‘Bedtime Stories’ is the movie to watch with your parents, partners, beloved, grand parents, grand children. . .everybody!


I saw 2 movies today; ‘Juno’ and ‘Bedtime Stories’. Both are a pretty nice stories especially ‘Bedtime Stories’ that had put me in stitches from the beginning til the end.

But first I’m going to tell you about ‘Juno’. It all started with ‘the chair’. Having drunk litres of ‘SunnyD’s, Juno MacGuff, who’s only a junior at her high school discovered that she was pregnant with Paulie Bleeker’s after taking 3 pregnancy tests on the same day.

Kind of panic she decided to call her best friend, Leah, who’s sexually active asking her opinion on what can she do about the pregnancy. after a while of talking -they used a lot of make-up words such as ‘vag’ as to ‘vagina’- Juno then decided to go to ‘Women Now’ a clinic that caters to young pregnant teenage women to seek an abortion.

But her intention was interrupted by Su-Chin, who was picketing outside the clinic and told that Juno’s unborn child even has nails. A little freaked out or concerned Juno then made up her mind to set her unborn child for adoption.

It all went crazy after she found out about the soon-to-be parents(Mark and Vanessa) to her unborn child is going to file a divorced. As she faces some tough decisions, flirts with adulthood and ultimately figures out where she belongs in her world had the support from her total cool dad and Brenda, her dog-lover stepmother.

Played Ellen Page as the main character,Juno, she showed the quality of a star in-the-making. This Movie also starred Jennifer Garner who played the soon-to-be mother-Vanessa- of Juno’s unborn child and Micheal Cera played as Paulie Bleeker.

A good romantic coming-of-age movie, this is a story about not only knowing your responsibilities as a child but also knowing that your true love is the one who can except who you are whether when you’re at your best or. . . not so as you think. Good movie and worth your movie ticket.