From London With Love – Ahlan Wa Sahlan

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Ahlan Wa Sahlan - Inside Flight EY11

Ahlan Wa Sahlan – Inside Flight EY11

Ahlan Wa sahlan is derived from an arabic language, which translate loosely to the meaning of ‘welcome’ in english.

For me actually, it was my first time getting on the flight. I’ve never taken Etihad flight before. The flight attendants were very nice to say the least, and the food too.

I didn’t manage to capture the in-flight meals like most travelers do. I was busy eating the lovely food they served us. Especially the nasi goreng or fried rice. I must say, though it is a hawker food back in Malaysia, they sure tasted superb on an airplane. Seriously.

The in-flight entertainment wasn’t bad either. Up-to-date good selection of movies and the flight even cater to video games for kids.

The flight took about six hours and it was already half passed one o’clock in the morning when flight EY411 touched down at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

By the time we reached the terminal transfer hall, I was already half asleep and in need a pick-me-up.

Luckily on the way to the next terminal, I bumped into a fellow Malaysian. Going to Belfast, Ireland for her undergraduate degree, Asmah looked more nervous than I was.

One time when we were going through customs check at the airport, Asmah was detained because the customs needed to do a thorough check on her.

They lady officer took her in a room and I had to wait almost half an hour for her be released because she set the alarm off when she run through the gate.

All is well, we manage to grab coffee and stretch our legs for a couple of hours before our next final departure to London Heathrow Airport, at 2.30am.

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