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P/S: I USED to think that news anchors are just some air-heads in suits.


I dreamt of you again.

We were in a car. Driving somewhere. You held my hand on your lap.

We were talking though I’m not sure what was it about.

I’m not sure too that every time I dreamt we, were in a car. Friggin boring. How can I control this?

I felt you, I felt your touch again, grazing your palm on my cheek, your scent.

We were together again, though just for a little while.

I opened my eyes.

It’s Wednesday and I’m going away now for a while.

Til’ a full moon’s time.

I dreamt of you again. And it felt good.

I miss you.


Alrighty then!

icedlemontea will be under construction as I want to have a more personal touch to it converting the bordering-between-personal-and-not-personal blog to a little bit raw, showing a wee bit  more skin, pun intended.

I realized I didn’t get to post a lot since I did my internship sprousing up my interpersonal skill -which is still lacking- and to be a better writer -or something like that-

What you’re about to see after the construction’s over -or you can see it when it’s being done-, is more simple design and I will be adding my personal thoughts, which is base on what my conscious tell -I did that a lot lately I think it’s going to burst out of my head-

Any of my opinions and thoughts are open for positive criticisms and enveloped payments are always welcomed.

Til’ then,


That's Life

P/S: Reminded of how I use to play roleplay games in my younger days~ I would play the chef and others will come as customers. My speciality; steamed veges with mystery spices. I’m in college now studying Jounalism and my speciality; Burger special ala icedlemontea! since I don’t really have the time to spend in the kitchen because of assignments. haha!

‘I see dead people…’ It’s a popular quote from Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense) who played a kid that can see dead people, duh~ but how far can you really see not only ‘dead people’ in your life but also your relationships, health or even romance? some people say our future hold from the orientation of our faces, horoscopes or even the ridiculous magic 8-balls. We leave nothing out when it comes to interpreting what our future holds.

What about our hands then? palm readers take it as a blueprint of your life your destiny and your character. It’s close to believable compared to your magic 8-ball, yea. Aren’t quite ready to pay a visit to a palm reader yet? well, this information that I stumbled upon should be a good start.


Which hand?
It’s both. It just depends on who you ask. Some use a man’s right hand and a woman’s left hand. Other’s say the dominant/active hand -the one you write with-

The shape of hand
There are four shapes used to classify hands and they’re related to the four elements; earth, air, water, and fire.


  • broad, square palms with square, short fingers
  • thick/coarse skin, ruddy color
  • deep, clear, and straight lines

Earth hands belong to practical and stubborn who have a strong vitality and a close connection to the outdoors and nature. Many work with their hands and find comfort in tangible things. They are dependable, straightforward, and responsible.


  • square or rectangular palms with long fingers
  • low-set thumbs and dry skin
  • thin, clear lines

Those with air hands are social, talkative, and intellectual types who seek change and mental stimulation. They can be restless and tend to do things in innovative ways.


  • long, sometimes oval-shaped palms with long fingers
  • soft, damp skin
  • lots of fine lines, often unclear

Water hands belong to emotional, creative, and introverted types who are sensitive and perceptive. They can be vulnerable and a bit naïve. They tend to be quiet and make decisions based on gut feelings.


  • square or rectangular palms with short fingers
  • warm, flushed, pinkish skin
  • lots of prominent lines

Those with fire hands are spontaneous, bold, and action-oriented types who take risks. They are extroverts who are very optimistic and enthusiastic. They are somewhat impulsive and very confident.

The Major Lines

Life Line
The life line starts between the thumb and the index finger. It then curves down widely around the thumb until it touches the wrist. This line represents your health, vitality, and quality of life. It can also show major events in your life and how others affect you. Its length has nothing to do with how long you will live. If you have an extra life line, you have extra protection against ill health.

  • Curvy – lots of energy
  • Short or shallow – easily manipulated
  • Break in line – sudden change in life
  • Close to the thumb – not generous with time or love
  • Circle interrupts line – injury or hospitalization

Heart Line
The top, horizontal line on your palm is the heart line; it starts from the edge of the hand where your pinky finger is and travels across the top of the palm. Many palm readers use this line to determine our romantic relationships. It can also indicate our actual cardiac health, emotional stability, and tendencies toward depression. Breaks in the love line can represent heartbreaks and breakups.

  • Ends between fore and middle finger – falls in love easily
  • Straight across the palm – even, controlled emotions
  • Wavy – lots of lovers, but no serious relationships
  • Straight and short – more about sex than romantic love
  • Touches life line – frequently heartbroken

Head Line
The head line is the horizontal line right below the heart line. It represents what kind of intelligence you possess and the way you communicate. A curved head line indicates a creative, spontaneous type while a straight line indicates a more practical and ordered approach to life. A clear line indicates focus; the longer the line, the more potential you have.

  • Wavy – short attention span, little focus
  • Straight – realistic
  • Circle or cross in line – crisis
  • Close to heart line – fearful, cautious nature, close-minded
  • Far from heart line – confident, a risk taker, open-minded

Fate Line
This line begins at the bottom of the palm and travels upward toward the middle finger. It is also called the line of destiny. Often broken and overlapping other lines, it shows how much (or little) our lives are affected by external circumstances, like society, our friends and families, and world events.

  • Strong and deep – very controlled by fate
  • Breaks/changes in direction – prone to changes from outside forces
  • Lines that cross fate line – others will affect your destiny
  • Starts joined to life line – self-made individual
  • Joins with life line – personal interests will be surrendered to those of others
  • Starts at base of thumb and crosses life line – support from family and friends

This is just a small introduction to palmistry. To get the whole picture, factor in things like where you wear your rings, special characteristics of your thumbs, nails, and fingerprints, how flexible or rigid your hands are, and countless other nuances. Amazingly, the lines on our hands can change over time, so don’t get too pessimistic if your love life looks doomed or overly optimistic if you read fame and fortune in your future. Nothing is set in stone and our choices matter as much as our lines.

P/S: Though some things are quite believable, you must always remember and to believe in YOURself that YOU are in control of your own life. Be CONFIDENT. Anyway, thanks to Natalie Josef for this article!

Yes you! ehem ehem… Developing a positive mindset is one of the most powerful life strategies there is. Using powerful positive thinking techniques, visualizations and positive affirmations, it is possible to achieve whatever you want.

The idea behind these techniques is pretty simple. Most of us grow up learning to put ourselves for any real real or imagined error.

We grow up believing certain things about ourselves and comparing ourselves negatively to others.

Affirmations are statements of acceptance that one uses to allow the manifestation of you destiny.

They are powerful and positive thoughts and statements. To do positive affirmations, you need to eliminate the negativity around you. You must first believe that you can manifest your destiny no matter what it is whether it is to achieve the your 4.0 CGPA or even get the job that you wanted.

Affirmations encourage you to think about good things rather than to think negatively. They help you to focus on your strengths and can increase you confidence.

By thinking positively you are more likely to get what you want and solve any problems.

You can do it!

You can do it!

Spend a few minutes thinking of what you regard as negative aspects of your personality. Go away now for 10 minutes and write list of any and all things that could be considered as negative about yourself.

Once you have got your list on a new blank sheet, create a list of all the positive things.

Look at the lists and realize you are neither wholly despicable nor entirely admirable. You are both these things and these 2 facets of your personality create your entire self.

This concept has grown increasingly popular due to the publishing phenomenon of Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’ (also a 2006 film) and The Law of Attraction series by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks.

These books and, teachers express similar ideas to Napoleon Hill’s Classic, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Byrne was inspired in particular by new thought pioneer, Wallace D. Wattles’ 1910 book, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.

Here, the power of affirmations will create success, romance, help you to lose the weight that you wanted , build self-confidence -everything and anything that you want.

It will also help you find even your true calling, give your life meaning and allow you to have inner peace as you accomplish your goals.

P/S: I found it very useful as a friend brought me up back again and make me realize that there are more to life than mere haters that want to ruin yours.


When somebody tells you,

You did a good job on your speech today!


Just let yourself go..

Dirty Sexy Money


A Hint of Wisdom

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Where the Sidewalk Ends

There is a place where the sidewalk ends
And before the street begins
And there the grass grows soft and white,
And there the sun burns crimson bright.
And there the moon-bird rests from his flight
To cool in the peppermint wind.


A blogger\'s interpretation of the God of Love when he is in love

The God of Love is in LOVE!?
who is his lover?
she must be a beautiful seed!
to make his fireworks fly
to make Cupid’s arrow shot his heart
to make him feel so high

Let Michelangelo sculpt her!
Let my angels sing with lollipops!
Let babies all gurgle with laughter and surprise!
for I, the God of Love
is in LOVE!

Funny thing love is
to make one care for the other
to make one feels so blessed
to make one even sing in the bathroom again
Funny thing love is…