Posted: November 3, 2010 in Comics, icedlemontea RAW, Life, Uncategorized
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Alrighty then!

icedlemontea will be under construction as I want to have a more personal touch to it converting the bordering-between-personal-and-not-personal blog to a little bit raw, showing a wee bit  more skin, pun intended.

I realized I didn’t get to post a lot since I did my internship sprousing up my interpersonal skill -which is still lacking- and to be a better writer -or something like that-

What you’re about to see after the construction’s over -or you can see it when it’s being done-, is more simple design and I will be adding my personal thoughts, which is base on what my conscious tell -I did that a lot lately I think it’s going to burst out of my head-

Any of my opinions and thoughts are open for positive criticisms and enveloped payments are always welcomed.

Til’ then,


  1. Casey says:

    I’m performing something of the same interest and will also be having note about this .Thanks a lot.

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