Posted: June 16, 2008 in Life, Reviews & Poetries
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When somebody tells you,

You did a good job on your speech today!


Just let yourself go..

Dirty Sexy Money

Does it not feel great inside? to have someone said that to you? well, I was watching Dirty Sexy Money and to tell you the truth though it is still the hottest guilty pleasure show to watch but hey, it got messages to look upon to. For someone like Patrick getting a compliment form his father seems like not getting the job properly done.

Carrying the family’s name has also been somewhat of a burden to him, well, aren’t you too when your dad is the richest man of the country? Of course we love getting compliments from people (everyday if we can, true?) but here it is not about getting compliments it is about giving one and one that is sincere.

Believe it or not, giving a compliment to a person as simple as ‘you’re a good friend‘ or ‘you did a great job today!‘ WILL brighten his or her day. And perhaps will stop his intention to do something bad at that too (if, he’s going to do it in the first place alright)

Nip/TuckThe sort of compliment too will mean so much for a person with complications of even doing every day’s works. In this episode of Nip/Tuck the McNamaras welcomed a new addition to their family. The baby has complications that makes the fingers sort of glued together (sorry I didn’t catch the medical term for it).

Being the dad and husband who has the upper hand that can make the baby’s future better, Sean wants to do a multiple surgery on the baby but right after the baby was born, their daughter saw the baby and she was scared.

To come with the idea of having everybody criticize you in a bad way on how you look each and every day is a nasty idea but then again, to live with it from the moment you were born..it’s AMAZING. It’s AMAZING of the strength they get, it’s AMAZING of how they can do it and it is just, AMAZING.

For us, let us be thankful of how we are now and please do not look down on individuals with disabilities as for them, they are humans too AND have feelings.

PS: Thanks for being an icedlemontea reader all these while. You ARE appreciated here 🙂


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