From London With Love – The Arrival

Posted: October 3, 2013 in icedlemontea RAW, Life, London, Uncategorized, World
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The Arrival - Alliance House courtyard

The Arrival – Alliance House courtyard

The flight took another seven hours before it reaches London Heathrow Airport.

This time around though, it was a different flight. EY11.

The seat was less spacious than the previous EY411 from Kuala Lumpur, but the food was still excellent, even for the entertainment section.

Frankly speaking, I slept through a large portion of the flight time and only woke up a couple of hours before landing.

Flight EY11 landed on time at 7.20 o’clock in the morning in London. The weather was amazing; the sun was shining, the air was crisp and the breeze was a perfect blow to the skin.

Got my first prepaid card for my phone from a vending machine and met with a few of fellow Malaysians.

Jimmy, whom I knew from a friend on Facebook was kind enough to accompany me to my accommodation at Alliance House.

Coming back for his second year at University Of Bristol, Jimmy was quite a chap in dealing with the people from a country that is so foreign to any of us. Being in a foreign country really does require you to be extra, friendly. In a good way of course, duhh!

On the way to Alliance House at Newington Green, we basically talked about everything under the sun; from politics to economy to even living in London and how he and his friends played a practical joke on a fellow housemate by sliding a frozen frisbee piss under her bed. Well, that I take it as a little extreme for me as well. But hey, your only in college for a little while might as well enjoy while at it.

It was about 40 minutes before we reached my place and I was tired like I worked all day long. But it was only 10 o’clock in the morning!

The accommodation is flat based as I share the level, or flat with seven other flatmates all of which are international students from Lebanon, China, Greece and Mexico.

On the flat itself we share our common area and kitchen.

My room is decent with attached bathroom and built-in study desk with wardrobe. It is still pretty much disorganized currently, it’ll fill up down along the term definitely.

It also has a green view outside the courtyard. I’m not hating it though. You can even see squirrels and a cat running about the yard almost everyday. I just love that part. A bit of nature in a bustling city of London sometimes get you to appreciate the little things that’s happening around you.

Well, living in London people love to talk about the weather so here it goes, the weather has been kind to me so far. Because I arrived in mid-September, it was still summer then (currently it’s autumn as of this post was written).

Oh yes, the long-johns I bought in Malaysia really helped me adjusting to the weather here.



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