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Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri. Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak

Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri. Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak

The Agence France-Presse(AFP) has reported today that Malaysia’s economy will suffer and the country will break-up if racial unity collapses, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak warned ahead of a key by-election.

‘No unity means no political stability. No political stability means we are all in trouble,’ he was quoted as saying by Bernama news agency late Saturday.

‘The Malays (will be) in trouble, the Chinese (will be) in trouble, the Indians (will) also be in trouble,’ he told a rally.

Najib said foreign investors would pull out their funds if there was political instability.

‘Capital can shift in a blink of an eye. Capital knows no loyalty. If our economy is under pressure, funds will flow (out). That is how sensitive capital movement is in the context of a modern global economy,’ he said.

The ruling National Front coalition, led by the dominant United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), is contesting a critical by-election that will test its popularity since disastrous losses in national polls last year.

Najib, who is UMNO deputy president, is leading the charge for the January 17 vote in northeastern Terengganu state.

Recently there have been growing fears over ‘Islamisation’ of Malaysia and the increasing polarisation of the three main ethnic communities.

About 60 percent of Malaysia’s 27 million people are ethnic Malay Muslims. The country’s minority Chinese and Indians are mostly Buddhists, Hindus or Christians.

Issues related to religion, language and race are sensitive matters in Malaysia, which witnessed deadly riots in 1969.

Malaysia is already tipped for slower growth of up to 3.5 percent for 2009, well down on earlier projections as the global crisis bites into export demand and foreign direct investment inflows.

Najib urged voters to return the Kuala Terengganu seat to UMNO to ensure racial unity and economic growth.

‘If we do make the right decision, our country can disintegrate and we will never be able to pass on this strong Malaysia to our next generation,’ he said.

P/S: We’re learning Ethnic Relations subject even in our higher learning stage, seriously haven’t we learned that racial harmony is the key to our national multiracial integration? Spread the peace people, come on!


An American tourist was visiting a temple in Singapore when he noticed two statues of a man and a woman by the altar.

He asked the monk what was the significance of the two. The monk explained that in the Chinese system of yin and yang, positives must always be balanced by negatives, and having the two statues ensured that the universal balance was maintained.

‘This statue of the woman is the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan-Yin.’

‘What about the other one?’ asked the tourist.

In a hushed voice, the monk said, ‘This one is the God of No Mercy, Kuan-Yew.’

PS: There is a malays saying ‘siapa makan cili dia yang terasa pedasnya’ translates, he who ate the chilli will feel the hots.  I wonder if the former PM of Singapore gets this type of sarcastics much in his face? hurm.. hehe

Anwar IbrahimDatuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has made a grand come back to the Dewan Rakyat, defeating his closest rival, Barisan Nasional’s Arif Shah by more than 15,561 votes in 26 August, 2008 by-election for the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat.

The other contender, Hanafi Mamat of Akim who secured only 92 votes, lost his deposit.

Anwar’s majority exceeded that of his wife Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail who garnered a 13,000-majority in the March 8 general election.

With this victory, Anwar, whose Parti Keadilan Rakyat has the most number of seats among the Opposition parties, would be made Opposition Leader.

PS: While I congratulate Anwar on his victory, I pray that is as far as he gets.

A Malaysian Tale

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While walking down the street one day a Malaysian Boleh Minister is tragically hit by a truck, and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.

“Welcome to heaven,” says St. Peter. “Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We have never had a high official from Malaysia, you see, so we’re not sure what to do with you.”

“No problem, just let me in,” says the man.

“Well, I’d like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we’ll do is have you spend one day in hell and one day in heaven. After that you can choose where to spend eternity.”

“Really, I have made up my mind. I want to be in heaven,” says the Yang Berhormat.

“I’m sorry, but we have our rules,” says St. Peter.

And with that, St. Peter escorts him to the elevator, and he goes down, down, down to hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.

Get It?