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Malaysia PartyAccording to BERNAMA in the raid at about 3.30am somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26 people were detained and scores of hallucination pills besides ketamine, cocaine, syabu, liquour and condoms were found at a hotel room in Jalan P.Ramlee here. The party was believed to have been organised by a couple, in their 20’s, who were married three weeks earlier.

Meanwhile in another raid in Kuala Lumpur, a newscaster with a private TV station and a local drama actress together with six of their friends, who were earlier detained by police after being tested positive for ketamine and syabu drugs at a new year eve party, were released yesterday evening.

Kuala Lumpur Narcotics Crime Investigation Department head, ACP Kang Chez Khiang said the eight, who were detained during a police raid on Jan 1, were released on police bail at about 7pm.

He said another man, who was also tested positive for drugs, was still being detained on suspicion of being the drug supplier for the party.

However, he said, police would recall all the eight when the outcome of the urine tests carried out by the Kuala Lumpur Hospital was expected to be released in two weeks’ time.

‘Meanwhile, 17 other people at the party who had been detained earlier had been released without condition,’ he said when contacted here at the BERNAMA office today.


No Undewear Party a Big No-No

‘A sex party is against our culture and religion and if it went on, it would damage the country’s reputation worldwide,’ Tourism Minister Azalina Othman said according to the New Straits Times newspaper.

Malaysian authorities have condemned rumoured plans for a New Year’s Eve sex party at a remote beach, while police warned the ‘no-underwear’ event could be a con job.

Newspaper reports said the party for the under-40s, to be held in southern Johor state bordering Singapore, was being advertised through a website that asked for 250 ringgit (72 dollars) as an entrance fee.

Party organisers had reportedly said that male guests were banned from wearing briefs to the event, while women were only permitted to wear G-string underwear which had to be removed after midnight.

‘The idea of organising such a party is far-fetched but the state Religious Department and local councils have all been informed,’ he told the New Straits Times, adding that authorities would be on alert.

P/S: WHOA~ (O.o) Happy 2009 New Year’s Eve~