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‘…it’s raining, it’s raining, gotta find a way to get away (get away), gotta find a way to get away (get away)…’

Amidst the flooding and all, it’s ironic for this song to pop out.

I was channel surfing this morning (I’m still when I had my breakfast and stumbled upon a music video on Channel 5.

It is rare enough to see music videos been played on Channel 5 (unless for a benefit of some sort) but ah, I reckon this music video has its cause too… but I never seemed to catch who the singer is, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her somewhere.

Of course, she was that girl from Singapore Idol Season 3!

Sylvia Ratonel!

Bloody hell, I love her in SI!

Anyway back to the VC, It’s Raining by Sylvia Ratonel, catchy tunes, easy to follow sing-along song. A fair try for this Euro-Filipina descent from Singapore.

Quite bubble-gummy I think SR can do better.

To balance the song the male model in the VC should be used more enhance his character to portray the whole song.

Yes, this VC is to highlight SR and emphasis should be given to her but I think the storyline for the song does not have to fall by the wayside.

The model character can be expanded more than just, a model, for the VC.

Overall, easy-listening song I’d say.

Anyways, less talk more seeing.

You can check out SR’s Official Youtube channel (just found out about this) here!


Singapore Flyer Horror

Posted: December 24, 2008 in World
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Singapore Flyer

The super sleek and the world’s largest observation wheel that overlooked the country’s panoramic view named the Singapore Flyer will be closed to entries until further investigations been done after the Tuesday incident, reported on Channel NewsAsia.

For 6 hours 173 passengers were stranded after an electrical problem occur on its drive unit number 1, north unit, which caused several electrical supplies to be cut at around 4.50pm.

Since the electrical power is off, passengers were trapped isolated and unlike the normal ferris wheel where passengers were hang in open air, the Singapore Flyer had fixed ‘capsules’ as passengers can walk around and enjoy the scenic view when their capsule is moving slowly.

And since the air conditioning system were off too, the air ventilators had to be opened so as to accommodate of the hot temperature set of the evening sun.

Over the occurrence, some complained of dizziness and even a case of vomitting happened.

Few passengers were lowered down to safety in a sling-like device from one of the observation capsules and atleast 5 passengers were lifted through the hatch on top of each capsule and winched to the ground by a private rescue firm engaged by Singapore Flyer before the power surge problem is settled at around 10.50pm.

Passenger Rescuing Team

The 28 sleek looking capsules about the size of a city bus can hold up to 28 people, and passengers can walk around during the slowly moving ride.

The Singapore Flyer, worth about S$240 million (US$171 million), was a private venture backed mainly by German investors and built by Mitsubishi Corp and Takenaka Corp of Japan.

Singapore based Great Wheel Corp is also building wheels in Beijing and Berlin, which will edge out the Singapore Flyer as the world’s biggest when they begin turning in about two years, the chairman of Singapore Flyer, Florian Bollen, said before the attraction opened.

Singapore Flyer has reimbursed all affected passengers for their tickets and is making alternative transport arrangements for travellers who missed their flights to Europe and coaches to Malaysia.

A ride on the 165 meter tall wheel, about 42 storeys high, typically takes half an hour and each capsule can take up to 28 people.

Since the Flyer became operational in February this year, this is the third time it has encountered problems.

The last time a technical glitch occurred was just three weeks ago, on December 4. The wheel was stuck for nearly five hours due to extreme weather conditions and some 70 people were affected. In July, the Flyer stopped due to a minor fault in the braking system.

P/S: For someone who’s afraid of heights, this event will maybe succumbed me of not even getting to the 5th floor of my faculty for the rest of my life. Fewh!

An American tourist was visiting a temple in Singapore when he noticed two statues of a man and a woman by the altar.

He asked the monk what was the significance of the two. The monk explained that in the Chinese system of yin and yang, positives must always be balanced by negatives, and having the two statues ensured that the universal balance was maintained.

‘This statue of the woman is the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan-Yin.’

‘What about the other one?’ asked the tourist.

In a hushed voice, the monk said, ‘This one is the God of No Mercy, Kuan-Yew.’

PS: There is a malays saying ‘siapa makan cili dia yang terasa pedasnya’ translates, he who ate the chilli will feel the hots.  I wonder if the former PM of Singapore gets this type of sarcastics much in his face? hurm.. hehe

In the meanwhile there are bigger things to worry about now approximately hundreds of other islands and reefs to fight over of of the coast of South China Sea that Malaysia could lose if nothing is done to claim them. As the claim of ownership extends beyond islands to marine features such as reefs and even rock formation visible only during low tides, the total number could exceed thousands. According to the NST today, a maritime expert said that the most urgent were about 100 islands, reefs, rocks and other marine features lying in the South China Sea, Straits of Malacca and off Sabah. (more…)

Middle RocksSo Singapore has Pedra Branca and Malaysia has got her Middle Rocks and based on the newspapers’ publications it has shown that Malaysian fishermen now can also enter freely into the rich waters around Middle Rocks. How about South Ledge now? The court, in 15-1 majority, held that Malaysia had ownership to Middle Rocks and in a 15-1 majority, also ruled that sovereignty over South Ledge belonged to the ‘state in the territorial waters of which it is located’.  (more…)

The dispute between Malaysia and Singapore on Pulau Batu Puteh and its two adjacent marine features has been going on for almost 30years, Pulau Batu Putih(PBP) is of 7.7 nautical miles off Johor and 25 Nautical miles from the country, Singapore. Almost the size of a football field and holds a lighthouse the argument started between the two stated country after Singapoore lodges a note(2/14/1980) protesting on the publishing of Malaysia’s continental shelf map showing Pulau Batu Puteh as its territory(1979). (more…)