About *~icedlemontea~*

icedlemontea was created after a month sitting at home with a twisted ankle. So after organizing all the crap in my room, I started to go through my old stuff and found my old poems stash that got lost some years ago. Soon after, I stumbled upon my old  school days photo album and I thought, awwwhh.. what do you think of your old days, eh? your first crush on a boy, your first kiss or even your first fight at school. When you think about it really does affect on who you are now. The people around you, your experiences and your thoughts about the world and how you can make it a better place to live in well just in fact that you are just one person. But every individual can make a difference, true?

icedlemontea is where thoughts can be shared whether it is a new recipe that you have just learned(who does not love good food?), your favourite book review, humanity or even politics. Just a note however talks on racism is VERY sensitive and will not be discussed here and though politics has been known to contribute to a country’s development discussions will be in a manner of building good criticisms. Peace be to all and, happy writing! 🙂


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  2. dzone says:


    nice blog keep in up. i like specially the comic cartoons.. he.. he… pls post more.

  3. Kathy says:


    Do you mind if I link to your site from my fashion sites?



  4. icedlemontea says:


    Hi, yea sure you can~

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