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Start of new semester begins in a couple of days for me. I hope that this new semester brings even more light and hopes to come. To all the freshies, welcome to your new world. Even when you’re feeling scared and intimidated by new guys,classes and situations, here’s how you can find your confidence!

She shows so much poise on the red carpet, you'd never know if she has the jitters.


THINK: ‘I’ve done what I can to look my best.‘ Stop obsessing your outfit; there’s nothing you can do now anyway. Just focus on why you’re really here: to learn more and be successful. You just have to remember though, DO NOT overdress! you’re not going for a party you know.

DO: Smile! if it feels forced, think of smiling on the inside and you’ll start to beam on the surface. Then keep your shoulders down and relax, take a deep breath and walk through the doors like you belong there.

SAY: ‘Hi!’ to everyone you know. If you’re afraid that people won’t remember you, reaching out to other people first shows you’re not intimidated by them; even if you are. And don’t avoid halls where cliques hang out together either. Remember you can have your own group, too!


THINK: ‘It’s only one of those get-to-know-one-another sessions. Nothing to be scared about.’ Do not skip orientations! Be punctial and friendly. Make sure you join in the games and don’t be anti-social. Just have some fun, girl!

DO: Plan ahead. Walk the orientation hall with the guy/girl you sat or chatted with earlier. If she/he is alone, all the better! if you’re all by yourself, try to make small talk with someone who’s also alone. Chances are she’s glad you too the initiative.

SAY:I’m glad I met you!’ Tell your new-found mate that you’re happy to have made a new friend. Make positive and genuine comments about her clothing or personality. Remember to exchange phone numbers!

Paul Walker

His role as Dean Sampson in She's All That is the epitome of a jerk. Lucky for us, he's a great guy in person. Oh, how we adore this hunk!


THINK: ‘He’s just being immature.’ If his remarks hurt, remind yourself that his rude opinion isn’t necessarily for real (most times, isn’t!)

DO: Hold you head high, literally. As hard as it may be, look straight ahead and keep walking. Also, don’t shrink in any body part that he calls out. You shouldn’t change who you are or what you look like for one ignorant dude!

SAY: Nothing. If you don’t give him attention he wants, he won’t see you as ‘target’ in the future. Don’t be rude (like showing him the middle finger) because that’s just ill-mannered!

IN CLASS: IMPRESS you lecturers

THINK: ‘I’m going to work hard and finish my assignments on time’. Remembering how you made it through secondary school will motivate you to do your best, even in your toughest subject! if you think you can, YOU CAN!

DO: Get there early. Score a seat near the front (blame it on bad eyesight if you’re worried about looking like a suck-up!). Plus, don’t hesitate or feel shy to ask questions during lessons. It shows you’re listening.

SAY: ‘How was your weekend?’ Ask your lecturer that question after you say ‘hi’ to her. A friendly question shows that you don’t see her as just a meanie who can make or break your grades!

P/S: Remembered my first day. . . it’s kinda of a blur because were moving pretty fast to met the iternary for each day and boy it was PACK! but I enjoyed it so much nonetheless. (^_^)

I stumbled on this when I was browsing through and thought it would be a good idea to share with you.  If you’re looking for the right one, this is the advance tip for you but if you are currently IN one, this is the best thing yet to come for your relationship.  Whether you’re in a normal relationship or even in a long distance relationship, infidelity can occur in either way but if you stay strong and put your trust in it, you will succeed. So here they are, 5 essential tips to prevent infidelity and to a better communication with your beloved. Hope it helps! 🙂

I love you

I love you

Be each other’s number one confidante
You shouldn’t be sharing private thoughts with others that you’re not sharing with your beloved.

Make time to connect on a regular basis
Daily moments of connection help you build a sense of togetherness and shared purposes. Think SMSing, e-mails, webcams, friendster, facebook or other such accounts. For a more ‘touched’ action, try the original ‘snail mail’. Aren’t like the electronic alternatives, snail mails can be recorded and the best part is, they won’t ‘dissappear’ because some virus just ate all of the documents… except if you have a dog that likes to eat papers of course, hehe~

Don’t let family time squeeze out just-the-two-of-you time
Family yes, they are VERY important. But seriously, do you want to spend ALL your dates with your beloved WITH, your family constantly watching behind you? Err~ I think I want my privacy with mine yes, thank you.

Recognize when you’re temporarily attracted to someone else
It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your relationship…or that you have to act on it. My advice au contraire, let your inhibitions out when you’re with your beloved and flirt with’em like you never did before.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your relationship
If you’re ever tempted and don’t feel like you can tell your mate, you’ll have someone else to confide in who will steer you straight. And if one of you does stray, you’ll have a strong support network to help you put your relationship back together.

So you have the mocktail drinks recipes and you don’t want to just serve it in regular plastic cups, do you?(don’t even think of that!) Why not try on some of these tips to give your mocktail drinks special effects. They are simple, cute and did I mentioned that they are totally EASY? Give it a go! 😀 (more…)