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Though my first prepaid was O2, but from the student survey – my friends generally – I found giffgaff suits me better than O2.

Why do I say that?

First of all, being a student does require me to save a lot and having Pay-As-You-Go package from giffgaff really intrigued me to try and use it.

I took the £12 package. With the unlimited internet and my always opening emails and bit of my social media antics really pulled me in to this package plus, I get free calls and SMS to other giffgaff numbers (^_^)V.

You should really know what type of user you are before jumping into this bandwagon. As for me, I usually use Whatsapp and other them social medias so the £12 goodybag is most decent package for me.

To me, the network is incredibly cheap paying just 10p/min for UK calls and only 6p/text. How cheap can you go? And the network reception’s good too.

But you might ask me; Won’t it be a hassle to keep changing phone numbers when you already shouted to the world of your new number, plus you already put your O2 number in your bank application?

Don’t worry, changing networks – atleast from O2 to giffgaff  for me- wasn’t a hassle at all. I still keep my old number but using giffgaff mobile network.

Have You Giffgaffed? Service providers numbers to get them PAC codes. Nifty little thing I found on the giffgaff website.

If you want to retain your old number to giffgaff, here’s what you should do:

1)            Call your respective service provider and ask them for your Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) code. PAC code only valid for 30 days. So I suggest you do this when you already have your giffgaff simcard in hand.

2)            Activate your giffgaff simcard, follow the instructions on the website.

3)            Fill in the ‘Transfer Your Number’ form on the giffgaff website. You’ll be prompt with a message saying that your transfer application has been received by giffgaff.

4)            The transferring process will take upto 24hours. Just keep using your old simcard until you get a ‘no service’ notice on top of your phone.

5)            Turn off your phone, switch to your giffgaff simcard. And let the magic happen by itself.  Your old number will reappear, replacing your temporary giffgaff number. Do check your ‘my giffgaff’ page every now and then to see the progress of your number transfer.

**Further information on how to retain your number old number to giffgaff, click here.

After you got all excited that you manage stick to your lucky numbers, you might notice – if you’re using iphone – that your imessage texts is being sent to your temporary giffgaff number, not your lucky numbers.

Don’t worry, this usually happens to iphone users. This was what I did:

1)            Got to Settings > Phone > My number. Notice it shows your temporary giffgaff number instead of your real number? Click on the number and change it to your ‘new’ old number.

2)            Go to Settings > Message > iMessage. Turn off your iMessage.

3)            Go to Settings > Facetime . Turn off you Facetime.

4)            Switch off your phone and restart it. Turn on BOTH your imessage and facetime feature. Let the activation finish.

5)            Viola! iMessage problem, solved.

I used to use O2 Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) mobile network when I first arrived in London but overtime the network’s credit seemed obsolete to me as I don’t use it often and it just went to waste as I have to top-up each month to use the data.

One thing though you have to know, once you decided to change your service provider, your old credit will not be retain into your new service provider package. I.e if you have £20 balance credit, you will lose this credit when you switched service providers.

**More on the giffgaff site! =)

That’s all from me. So, have you giffgaffed? Hehe.


 Last but not least; Reason number Ten: 

This is not a job, this is not a marriage, and this isn’t even a vocation. To a newsie, journalism is something much bigger than all of that. I couldn't put it in a better way. Well said.

 Reason number Nine: 

Yes we do have perks in our job. But that doesn't mean we have the 'green light' to abuse it. Some journalists don't even like accepting free drinks from sources. True Patrick Garvin, true.

 Reason number Eight: 

My family still sometimes forget that I don't work in a normal 9-5 job. And on my off days usually I don't have time too as I'm busy with my work. Aaaah~ sacrifices we made in the name of society and passion for the field.

 Reason number Seven

Refer to reasons 3 and 4. Duhhh~

 Reason number Six: 

I have this thing installed in my laptop. It's called, GOOGLE.

 Reason number Five:

'Nuff said. We don't take shennanigan reasonings.

 Reason number Four: 

Who do you think we are? Walking encyclopedia? Jeez, try to read more. Comprende?

I'm a multitasker too. I can walk, talk eat Carl's Jr. burger and drink iced lemon tea, at the same time! *facepalm

 Reason number Two: