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 Last but not least; Reason number Ten: 

This is not a job, this is not a marriage, and this isn’t even a vocation. To a newsie, journalism is something much bigger than all of that. I couldn't put it in a better way. Well said.

 Reason number Nine: 

Yes we do have perks in our job. But that doesn't mean we have the 'green light' to abuse it. Some journalists don't even like accepting free drinks from sources. True Patrick Garvin, true.

 Reason number Eight: 

My family still sometimes forget that I don't work in a normal 9-5 job. And on my off days usually I don't have time too as I'm busy with my work. Aaaah~ sacrifices we made in the name of society and passion for the field.

 Reason number Seven

Refer to reasons 3 and 4. Duhhh~

 Reason number Six: 

I have this thing installed in my laptop. It's called, GOOGLE.

 Reason number Five:

'Nuff said. We don't take shennanigan reasonings.

 Reason number Four: 

Who do you think we are? Walking encyclopedia? Jeez, try to read more. Comprende?

I'm a multitasker too. I can walk, talk eat Carl's Jr. burger and drink iced lemon tea, at the same time! *facepalm

 Reason number Two: 

 Reason number One: