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To be loved is to loved, and love is to be loved.

It’s not the matter of love alone that makes the humanity special, it is the feeling of humanity and the feeling of indifference towards the world that lead to love being…special.

My Name is Khan, never ceased to oppress the feeling of love in the movie and it captures its intensity when an autism person tries to proof that he’s not a terrorist when the world thinks otherwise.

For a person of such caliber acting, Shah Rukh Khan defies the current perception of the world to autisms, proving that they too can express their love.

It’s not about religion, it’s not about wealth, it’s not about politics, but love alone can withstand the ridicule of a cruel world.

For every reason that it is love isn’t over rated.

Without love there isn’t mankind and without mankind there isn’t any love.

Love, to begin with… is to love.