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ROBIN THICKE - Sensuously done in the utmost sexiest manner. Love it.


Pardon for the quite controversial title.

But don’t let it cloud your mind. With nice full-falsetto voice, Robin Thicke has what it takes to seduce a woman in a song.

Don’t mean to buzz your ass JT, but you have been kicked in the butt by RT.

Soothing quiet songs, RT seems to play it a little closer to to home, as in his sexuality.

Man, this guy knows his and he ain’t afraid of showing it to the world, baby!

And the thought of it so refreshing to hear male artists begin to celebrate the WOMAN again, and challenge the trend of bravado, objectivity, and misogynistic lyrics, by allowing true love and vulnerability speak their heart’s thoughts!

Robin Thicke has successfully captured the true essence of romance in many if his songs.

And many to my favourite too. ENJOY!

Sex Therapy by Robin Thicke


tummyWhoa, it can be rest assured that being a female is NOT hard but is not easy either. A LOT is going on not just in our brain but to our body too! Hey, I’m not kidding here. For example I came across these article on the causes of lower abdominal pain to a woman and I found out that some of it sure wants a REAL attention from you, let’s browse through together from clockwise of the abdomen:

At 12 o’clock is the stomach area. If you’re feeling nauseas don’t worry. It is just a common symptom that can have many causes. You should ask yourself; is your period late? or could you be pregnant? and if you are, consider a urine pregnancy test instead.

Your abdominal pain also can be cause by heartburn that can be a sign of gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining). The cure? try ‘Pepto-Bismol’ or any other medicinal solution over at the pharmacy counter. My suggestion? if all else’s fail GO TO THE DOCTORS because you may have developed an ulcer.

From 2 to 5 o’clock is the area of the descending colon. Constipation. Yurp you read it right, constipation especially in young women can cause pain the area of the descending colon. And according to Dr. Paula Kue in one of her articles, more people are constipated than will admit it. She also recommends that your fluid intake should be increased or a drink of a glass of water with fiber (like Metamucil or Citrucel) every day should do the trick if you don’t have a daily soft stool that’s easy to pass. Gosh talk about spending ‘valuable’ time in the loo, there’s a ‘force’ to be reckoned with.

Okay here’s the high-traffic area of pain that is the lower abdomen. Located from 4 to 8 o’clock, the pains can be mostly cause of ectopic pregnancy, urinary tract infections(UITs) or even pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) that is often cause by untreated sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea or clamydia. Antibiotics are necessary to prevent scarring of the reproductive organs, which can lead to subsequent infertility. Practice SAFE SEX!

The left ovary can also lead to lower abdominal pains for women.  During ovulation some women can feel pain referred to as ‘Mittlesmirtz’. Unlike the ovarion torsion, during early or mid-pregnancy, women often get round ligament pain in this area and is not really a cause for concern.

Appendicitis however can occur at 7 o’clock clockwise of the abdomen and can cause a pretty pain here in the lower abdominal also. It is usually associated with the lack of appetite.

And at 10 o’clock is the liver and gallbladder. Yurp, gallstones which commonly occur in women than men, can cause bouts of pain in the lower abdominal. Gallstone are first treated with a reduced-fat diet, but often at times they must be surgically removed.

Finally in the center of the clock,  if you have recently feel bloated or cramps that lead to diarrhea, your lower abdominal pains might be caused of the small bowels. Excess swallowed air may cause bloating and your in ability to digest the sugar and dairy products(lactose) a.k.a lactose intolerance may cause cramping and can lead to diarrhea.

Apart from the causes stated there are many others but best let the accredited person tell. Browsing The Net can be one of the options to know a little bit more of what you are curious about but if you have any symptoms such as stated you might want to record when it happened and keep a journal about it. When you go and see you doctor it can be an easier task for your doctor to identify and to diagnose you.

P/S: My uncle had his gallstones removed a year ago. The doctor said that it was because of the fatty meals he’s been eating. And he’s a male. Update: my uncle has since watch his diet by cutting down his fat intake and now he has even loses some weight from 90kg to 75kg! WOW!