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Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have finally named their second daughter Seraphina a week after she was born as reported on mrib.

Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck was born on January 6 in a Los Angeles hospital. Her name is derived from the Biblical word ‘Seraphim’ and means ‘fiery ones’.

Founder of, Jennifer Moss, said, “Seraphina is a beautiful name- based on the Seraphim, the highest order of angels. I’m not a fan of the double-middle name, but it’s nice they continued the ‘flower’ theme by including the name Rose.”

Affleck and Garner, both 36, already have a three-year-old daughter called Violet. They began dating in 2004 and were married a year later. They had previously starred together in 2003 superhero flick Daredevil.

P/S: Don’t you just love this couple? Awww~


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

One week ago, Jennifer Garner gave birth to her second daughter with Ben Affleck, as reported on Now, the A-list couple, both 36, has announced the blooming baby’s name to People.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck to the adorable celebuspawn roster.

No explanation of the name has been offered, but the Baby Name Wizard defines it as ‘derived from the Hebrew seraphim (burning ones), a name used in the Bible for the heavenly winged angels surrounding the throne of God.’

As we saw earlier today with her ‘Big Sister’ shirt, Violet, 3, is excited about the addition to her family. Are you as excited about her name?

P/S: Ben and Jen is a wonderful quintessential couple for me. I just can’t stop adoring them!


I saw 2 movies today; ‘Juno’ and ‘Bedtime Stories’. Both are a pretty nice stories especially ‘Bedtime Stories’ that had put me in stitches from the beginning til the end.

But first I’m going to tell you about ‘Juno’. It all started with ‘the chair’. Having drunk litres of ‘SunnyD’s, Juno MacGuff, who’s only a junior at her high school discovered that she was pregnant with Paulie Bleeker’s after taking 3 pregnancy tests on the same day.

Kind of panic she decided to call her best friend, Leah, who’s sexually active asking her opinion on what can she do about the pregnancy. after a while of talking -they used a lot of make-up words such as ‘vag’ as to ‘vagina’- Juno then decided to go to ‘Women Now’ a clinic that caters to young pregnant teenage women to seek an abortion.

But her intention was interrupted by Su-Chin, who was picketing outside the clinic and told that Juno’s unborn child even has nails. A little freaked out or concerned Juno then made up her mind to set her unborn child for adoption.

It all went crazy after she found out about the soon-to-be parents(Mark and Vanessa) to her unborn child is going to file a divorced. As she faces some tough decisions, flirts with adulthood and ultimately figures out where she belongs in her world had the support from her total cool dad and Brenda, her dog-lover stepmother.

Played Ellen Page as the main character,Juno, she showed the quality of a star in-the-making. This Movie also starred Jennifer Garner who played the soon-to-be mother-Vanessa- of Juno’s unborn child and Micheal Cera played as Paulie Bleeker.

A good romantic coming-of-age movie, this is a story about not only knowing your responsibilities as a child but also knowing that your true love is the one who can except who you are whether when you’re at your best or. . . not so as you think. Good movie and worth your movie ticket.