‘…it’s raining, it’s raining, gotta find a way to get away (get away), gotta find a way to get away (get away)…’

Amidst the flooding and all, it’s ironic for this song to pop out.

I was channel surfing this morning (I’m still when I had my breakfast and stumbled upon a music video on Channel 5.

It is rare enough to see music videos been played on Channel 5 (unless for a benefit of some sort) but ah, I reckon this music video has its cause too… but I never seemed to catch who the singer is, though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen her somewhere.

Of course, she was that girl from Singapore Idol Season 3!

Sylvia Ratonel!

Bloody hell, I love her in SI!

Anyway back to the VC, It’s Raining by Sylvia Ratonel, catchy tunes, easy to follow sing-along song. A fair try for this Euro-Filipina descent from Singapore.

Quite bubble-gummy I think SR can do better.

To balance the song the male model in the VC should be used more enhance his character to portray the whole song.

Yes, this VC is to highlight SR and emphasis should be given to her but I think the storyline for the song does not have to fall by the wayside.

The model character can be expanded more than just, a model, for the VC.

Overall, easy-listening song I’d say.

Anyways, less talk more seeing.

You can check out SR’s Official Youtube channel (just found out about this) here!


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