Breathe in the Breeze, baby!

Posted: May 27, 2008 in Food & Beverages
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..or rather, sip it in 😉 Alright! This is the 3rd mocktail recipe for you guys. The lemon juice adds a little bit of a ‘twang’ to the natural sourness of the cranberry juice and the sweetness from the grapefruit. Mixed it up, shake it well and you will have a summer drink perfect for the seaside breeze. Hey, it isn’t called as the ‘Sea Breeze’ for nothing eh? Enjoy! 😀

3 oz grapefruit juice
3 oz cranberry juice
1/2 oz lemon juice

Method  :
Shake and pour
Glass     :
Martini glass (to make it more fun, serve it in unusually shaped glass of your creativity)
Garnish :
Half moon kemon or other colorful decorations of your creativity

*Sea Breeze’s wilder sister:
 A splash of vodka turns this into a cocktail 

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog site! Great looking mocktail.

  2. corre! says:

    ohhh, this sounds lovely! Perhaps these mocktails will help me avoid the “are you pregnant?” type questions from friends and workmates when I don’t feel like killing brain cells with alcohol…

  3. icedlemontea says:

    your welcome, yea, it tastes good also 🙂

    well, it beats ‘passing out’ especially during the day, right? 😉 try it, it’s delicious!

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