Simply.. Beautiful

Posted: May 30, 2008 in Food & Beverages
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Next on the mocktail punch drink is the green mint served, frozen. The ‘twang’ flavor from the pineapple is balanced of by the sweetness from the honeydew and to top it all up a few mint leaves is added to give this drink a minty flavor at that too.  Beautiful 🙂

A few mint leaves
2 oz pineapple juice
2 oz honeydew juice
1 oz blue syrup

Method  :
Blend all ingredients with crushed ice
Glass     :
Brandy inhaler (to make it more fun, serve it in unusually shaped glass of your creativity)
Garnish  :
Honeydew stick or other colorful decorations of your creativity

*Mocktail’s wilder sister:
To give this drink a kick, give it a splash of vodka

  1. angelfoxes says:

    Sound delicous. Will try out over the weekend. Wonder if there is a subsitute for blue syrup?

  2. icedlemontea says:

    you can try grenadine syrup but the taste may not be as good as blue syrup i may say

  3. chumpman says:

    substitute for blue syrup? how about blue Curacao?

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