A Minute of Silence

Posted: May 29, 2008 in icedlemontea RAW

Today there shall not be any posts for a sister’s lost and one is not that of much compose.. Much condolences to Mr. Anuar’s family for the lost of their second daughter Nurul, my a friend’s older sister. Having lost a pretty good friend has made me somehow understand what is she going through right now. Something so close and yet so far away got me thinking that to cherish the ones closest to us is what we should do until they aren’t with us any more. Which is to say that you don’t need to go far in search for somebody who cares for you when your love ones is so close one every beat of your heart. Much apologies for my lack for wording right now as I have so much to say somehow I  think faster than I write. Just to say here that to lost someone so close isn’t to mourn him/her every day but to keep on living as they would want you to make the best of you life.

Indeed life is short so, make the full of it.


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