Vacation? Bali? PERFECT!

Posted: May 31, 2008 in Food & Beverages
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Feeling like going for a vacation with that special someone? Try this mocktail recipe to add a little charm into your precious moments. Want to make it even more special? prepare this drink as a surprise for your partner that is going to be thrilled (^_^). The ‘santan’ gave this mocktail the milky flavor to balance the slight twinge that the pineapple gives but a splash of granadine syrup just makes this mocktail perfect.. for a ‘Bali’ vacation, especially. Why do you think this drink’s called the ‘Bali Orchid’? haha! 😉

4 oz pineapple juice
1 oz coconut milk (santan)
1 oz grenadine syrup

Method  :
Shake and pour
Glass     :
Poco Grande (to make it more fun, serve it in unusually shaped glass of your creativity)
Garnish  :
Pineapple wedge or other colorful decorations of your creativity

*Mocktail’s wilder sister:
 Vodka gives this chic mocktail an added kick.


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