Reason number Seven

Refer to reasons 3 and 4. Duhhh~

 Reason number Six: 

I have this thing installed in my laptop. It's called, GOOGLE.

 Reason number Five:

'Nuff said. We don't take shennanigan reasonings.

 Reason number Four: 

Who do you think we are? Walking encyclopedia? Jeez, try to read more. Comprende?

I'm a multitasker too. I can walk, talk eat Carl's Jr. burger and drink iced lemon tea, at the same time! *facepalm

 Reason number Two: 

 Reason number One: 

It tickles the bejibbers out of me I just had to share it with you lot. LOL!

P/S: I USED to think that news anchors are just some air-heads in suits.

One Line Post

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

LOVE is a powerful four-letter word.