Dream, Dream, Dream

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Entertainment, icedlemontea RAW, Life, Relationships, Uncategorized, World
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ROBIN THICKE- A world without borders, a world without worries. RT sure knows how to do it affectionately.

Our own dreamworld…

Ahh… What a great world it would be. Yurp, It’s not just sex, woman, and love that attracted this fella to his songs but about a world without borders.

Yes, we do and still love MJ for his absurd ways and making headlines for the press but he contributed to the makings for the world that we would be better living in.

Talks about dreamworld and how it would be like when colour is just a matter of black and white and nothing is to be taken for granted, RT sure dip his feet for humanity.

Then again, every artist that doesn’t live in this world have their own say about world peace.

Cliched as it sounds, a peace frame of mind would be better for me too…

and for you.

Dreamworld by Robin Thicke


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