ROBIN THICKE - Sensuously done in the utmost sexiest manner. Love it.


Pardon for the quite controversial title.

But don’t let it cloud your mind. With nice full-falsetto voice, Robin Thicke has what it takes to seduce a woman in a song.

Don’t mean to buzz your ass JT, but you have been kicked in the butt by RT.

Soothing quiet songs, RT seems to play it a little closer to to home, as in his sexuality.

Man, this guy knows his and he ain’t afraid of showing it to the world, baby!

And the thought of it so refreshing to hear male artists begin to celebrate the WOMAN again, and challenge the trend of bravado, objectivity, and misogynistic lyrics, by allowing true love and vulnerability speak their heart’s thoughts!

Robin Thicke has successfully captured the true essence of romance in many if his songs.

And many to my favourite too. ENJOY!

Sex Therapy by Robin Thicke

  1. Daniel says:


    Enjoyed your blog a lot!

    Now see if you like mine:

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