Malaysia: More Films On National Culture

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Entertainment, Malaysia
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Malaysia's Flag -'Jalur Gemilang' The Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry today called on the film industry to venture into films which showcase more on national cultures.

Its minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Afdal said the making of such films would inadvertently help introduce and lure the world’s attention on Malaysia’s multi-cultural society.

As reported by BERNAMA, ‘Countries like Japan, South Korea and Iran have been showing off their cultures to the world through their films.

‘We too must increase our effort to introduce our various cultures to the world via our films and plays,’ he said after officiating the pre-launch of epic film entitled ‘Bunian Mahkota Seri Helang’, here, today.

Meanhile, Shafie said the ministry anticipated over 35 films to be produced by the local film makers in the next three years.

The ‘Bunian Mahkota Seri Helang’ film will be produced by composer Adnan Abu Hassan using the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) techniques to create realistic visual effects.

The shooting for the RM3.5 million film, featuring actor Rusdi Ramli and actress Nasha Aziz, is set to begin next month.

P/S: LOVE Nasha Aziz. Career-minded she somehow sets her life on just working -is she a robot?- and boy she looks good even at the age of around 40!


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