Madonna Naked Photos To Be Auctioned

Posted: January 17, 2009 in Entertainment, Life
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Madonna Madonna, then known as Madonna Louise Ciccone, may have earned as little as £17 for the 1979 modelling session.

According to The Press Association Madonna naked photos is to be auctioned the raw, full frontal black-and-white image, taken by Lee Friedlander, appeared in Playboy in 1985, on February 12.

Madonna was a 20-year-old dancer trying to make ends meet when she answered Friedlander’s newspaper ad seeking a nude model, said Matthieu Humery, head of Christie’s photography department.

Mr Humery said this week that six photos from the shoot were sold to Playboy and the one up for auction is ‘maybe the most explicit one’.

‘For Friedlander it is a very typical way of taking pictures of a woman,’ he said. ‘He likes very natural women. It reflects Friedlander’s aesthetic.’

‘There’s not a hint of glamorising,’ he added. ‘That’s what makes it powerful.’

He said he knows of no other prints of the black-and-white photo. The other five pictures from the Playboy spread were sold together in 2003 for approximately £4,800.

Friedlander has said of the photo session that Madonna ‘seemed very confident, a street-wise girl. She told me she was putting a band together but half the kids that age are doing that. She was a good professional model’ .

Another, later photo of Madonna, by Helmut Newton, is in the auction and is also expected to fetch £6,500 to £10,000. In that shot, also sold to Playboy, Madonna is wearing lingerie, curly blonde hair and a seductive expression. A man kneels beside her.

P/S: After Zhang Ziyi’s naked photos been released and, saved by the ‘Mystery Man’, I wonder who’s going to  ‘save’ Madonna naked photos this time.


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