How To Boost Your Page Rank

Posted: January 17, 2009 in Techs Tips Tricks and Review
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Google I found this website on how you can boost you PageRank(PR) and I hope it helps. From choosing the right keywords to the leak of the Google website rate video that shows how the Google rater rates websites to be shown on the main search page of the site.

It’s fairly applicable as to when your website is constantly updated but never obtained enough unique visitors and has low PR.

Google toolbar PageRankBut the most that caught my eyes is the article, ‘Think like a searcher’. It is interesting however yes, if you think like your a searcher for some things, you might be able to put the right keywords into your posts titles.

It also amazes me that even your title description can be the source that can boost you PR too.

So, how about it? You can find out more on boosting your PR by clicking this link.

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