‘Ayam Masak Merah’ – Chicken With Chilli Paste

Posted: January 17, 2009 in icedlemontea RAW
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Chicken With Chilli Paste

Chicken With Chilli Paste

So today let’s make it more traditional Malay dish. I LOVE ‘ayam masak merah’, especially when it goes with ‘nasi briyani’. Usually you can find this dish at Malay weddings when it is somewhat of a compulsory for them to cook it -and it’s the crowd favorite, how can you not cook it?-.

The taste is a little hot because of the blended chillis and the chilli sauce -that’s why it’s called ‘ayam masak merah’ I think-. It probably because of the color, ‘merah’ in Malay Language or red from the chillis. Basically in translation of the dish ‘ayam masak merah’ is Chicken with Chilli Paste.

So here I am going to share with you on how to cook ‘ayam masak merah’. It’s fast, hassle free and most important of all, easy to make even your 12 years-old brother can cook it. Simple~

The Ingredients:
1/2 of a chicken cut into small pieces
4 cloves of medium-sized garlics (if it’s big 2 cloves is enough)
1 clove of big-sized shallot (again if it’s small, make it 2)
1 ‘bunga lawang’-star anise.
1 cinnamon stick
1 onion cut into rings
1 small ginger (roughly the size of one of your ‘twinkle’ finger sections)
1 cube of chicken stock
1/2 a bottle of chilli sauce
1 small packet of ready-made blendered chillis
Salt and sugar for flavoring

The Methods:
1. Rinse cut chicken removing the skin and fats and set it aside in a bowl.

2. Blender the shallot, garlics and ginger. Just lightly -you don’t want to turn it into baby food, you know-

3. Take the oil into simmer in a ‘wok’ then stir-fried the chickens -without seasoning- until nicely light golden color as to ensure that it’s cooked. Set it aside on another bowl.

4. Reduce the oil and sauteed the blendered shallot, garlics and ginger together.

5. Put a cube of chicken stock. Make sure it’s crumbled before-hand or it’ll stay cube-hard in our dish, we don’t want that to happened and ruin the flavor, yea. Stir-fry it well until you can smell the nice flavor of them.

6. Pour in a packet of the ready-made blended chilli -you can find this at any supermarkets or wet markets- and half a bottle of chilli sauce. Stir it well until it just about to simmer.

7. Dunk in bit by bit the chickens inside the ‘wok’ and let them mingle with the sauce. You have to make sure the sauce’s not too thick if it is, pour about a small cup of water until you get the nice silky texture. Add in salt and sugar for flavor. If it is too hot, add in more sugar. Balance it out.

8. Finally add in the ring-cut onions -separate the rings out- and stir them well. Leave it to rest about 3-5 minutes in the ‘wok’. Transfer to a bowl. Viola, the dish is perfect!

Servings- With white rice or ‘nasi briyani’ for the perfect match. 2 to 6 person.

P/S: Let me know if you tried it yea? 😉

  1. Ismail N says:

    I love ayam masak merah, too bad that I’m a bad cook. Only good at cooking rice and egg.. ha ha. Looking at the picture, wow look very delicious indeed. Time to go to Tomyam restaurant that serves Ayam Masak Merah. 🙂

  2. This looks absolutely delicious. I have never had Malay food before, but after seeing that picture I may have to make it. Also, regarding contribution authoring, I think I’d like to start off with just myself on Canned Cumulus since I made it really just to get ideas off my head and showcase my writing. However, I have received more traffic and visibility already from just being in your blogroll and I hope vice versa for you! Again, this looks absolutely delicious and I will have to try it ASAP! Talk to you later!

  3. romaspace says:

    Never heard of this dish before although I am sure that all traditional dishes must taste good. Thats why they are carefully guarded secrets that are passed down one generation to next. I am a vegetarian so wont be able to try this one, anyway thanks so much for sharing.

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