Zhang Ziyi’s Nude Photos: SAVED By…The Mystery Man

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Entertainment
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Zhang Ziyi's Nude Pics According to xin.sg, copyrights of the sexually suggestive photos of Zhang Ziyi and her Israeli fiancé Vivi Nevo on the Caribbean island of St Barts has been bought over by a ‘mystery man’, in an attempt to halt further proliferation of the photos over various media.

It is speculated that this ‘mystery man’ is one with great financial power and is likely to be Vivi, who is an international venture capitalist.

A Los Angeles-based paparazzi agency captured Zhang sunbathing topless and Vivi touching her intimately, instantly sparking debates over Zhang’s demeaning behavior as an Asian woman.

A company by the name of A-link, which apparently owns the distribution rights of Zhang’s photos in Asia, said, days ago, a mystery man had bought over the exclusive copyrights for the series of photos for Taiwan, Japan, Korea and America. For three months between Jan 9 to Apr 9, media in the four countries are not allowed to buy or publish the related photos. Particulars of the buyer and the price paid are to remain confidential.

Vivi, known to be the doting boyfriend with riches, is speculated to be the ‘mystery man’ who bought the photos; however, Zhang has yet to verify this rumor.

A-link revealed that it is a high price to pay for copyrights of these photos for distribution in four countries and such case is rare. It is also said that the copyrights of these photos for distribution in China and Hong Kong will be bought soon.

P/S: Somehow, I am glad I’m not Zhang Ziyi. . .Wouldn’t want ANY of my *cough nude *cough pics hanging around on the internet, certainly not. . .fewh~


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