Comics: The Other Coast 01/15

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Comics
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The Other Coast

When doctors take up novel writing. . .

P/S: Uhmm. . . Some things are better left to the experts, and so they say. I think you got the ‘picture’, get it? hih3x 😉

  1. straw000 says:

    Awesome i added you too THX!! But before posting can we first discuss what topics we post? Cuz mine is a tech blog about tips and review and your is more towards entertainment so we need to sort out the topics that we can post one each other blogs. So meanwhile lets not post anything yet until we get it sorted out : D THX!! Reply at my blog

  2. straw000 says:

    Ok so the summary: I post entertainment post on your site and you post tech tips and review on my site ok? Plz reply back at my site : ) Thx!! Also this is taking a long time why dont we find a xat or any online chat room to chat?: )

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