You Think Crocs Are Still Cool? Think Again

Posted: January 11, 2009 in Entertainment
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As the New Year kicks off, we take a look back at the fashion trends we think should stick around -and a few we’re ready to say ‘sayonara’ to. Scooped off the Glamour magazine, here are the fashion leave its and love its.  Just a bit of  light reading to take our stress out from all the wars that has been happening. . .for now.

Boots and shorts? Na-uh!Leave it: Boots with shorts
Yes, all those hip British trendsetters-Sienna, Kate and Lily, just to name a few-tried the quirky combo this year, but on the rest of us, it looks kinda trashy and a tad unflattering. Besides, who wants to wear anything that emphasizes your kneecaps?

Love it: Skinny jeans tucked into boots
Whoever had the genius idea to tuck skinny jeans into tall boots and call it a day deserves some kind of award. Perfect for everything from weekend errands to date night, this comfy, easy and super-chic look is a little like the never-ending Sex and the City reruns: It’s always there, always stylish and always surprisingly satisfying.

Leave it: White tights
Believe it or not, every once in a while there’s a DON’T on Gossip Girl. The bright-white tights Blair Waldorf sometimes wears work only on-screen, where some camera guy makes sure he always has the most flattering angle. In real life, stark white tights make even the longest, leanest legs look a little squat.

Black tights and LWD, why didn't I think of that? MarvelousLove it: Black tights with an LWD (Little White Dress)
At some point this year, some VIP tastemaker came up with a great answer to the age-old question ‘What the heck do I wear with a white dress-when it’s not an 85-degree summer day?’ We’re not sure who can claim credit, but this much is certain: This fresh (and flattering!) take on classic black and white is a total DO.

Leave it: Skull-print scarves
The punk accessory-once a favorite of the young-Hollywood set-lost its edge shortly after drugstores started selling polyester knock-offs.

Love it: Dangly earrings
Once reserved for fancy red-carpet events (or in our world, proms, parties and maybe a Facebook photo or two), shoulder-dusting earrings are going to be the go-to accessory for morning, noon and night. Slip on a pair of danglers to dress up your outfit in half a second.

Leave it: Crocs
Much like their trendy-yet-ugly predecessors, Uggs, the rubber moccasins look silly on anyone over age five. Tuck them into the back of your closet and pull them out only when gardening.

Galdiator shoes, yeay, love it!Love it: Gladiator sandals
This year saw the return of one of the most timeless styles of all-Grecian-inspired sandals. Beloved by everyone from Roman gods to screen sirens, this style walks the fine line between casual (flip-flops) and dressy (strappy sandals) and they’re super comfy. Here’s hoping they’ll be around for another couple thousand years.

Leave it: ’70s caftans
A groovy, peace, love and happiness attitude? That’s a total DO. Looking like a walking curtain from the Partridge Family set? Leave that DON’T in the time capsule.

  1. shane says:

    Yea, I could use this article. My head’s starting to ache when I think about the d**n Israelis. Funny of how sometimes people judge you by the way you dress.

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