Of Chickens And News

Posted: January 7, 2009 in icedlemontea RAW, Jokes
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Do you think that we can fly again some day? -lil' chic

Do you think that we can fly again some day? -lil' chic

What is news? -The Analogy-
There’s a family of chicken, papa chicken, momma chicken and lil’ chic who’s the only chick in the family lives near a water bank. The apple of the eye, lil’ chic is somewhat of a genius even before registering into school. Always wonder about what is happening around him, lil’ chic always follows wherever momma chicken goes.

Momma chicken was tidying up the chicken coop sweeping the floors when lil’ chic starts following her until suddenly she almost trip over lil’ chic who was behind her.

‘What’re you doing momma?’ lil’ chic asked.

‘I’m tidying up our house darling. Now go play outside with papa’ Momma chicken said.

Being as clever he is, he understands that momma chicken wants him out of the place and not to disturb her. Little that he know, he accidentally eavesdrop of what papa chicken was talking to the Spanish bred cow.

He heard the words ‘wars’,’fire’, ‘Palestine’ and other more. Knowing that interrupting the elderly talking is considered as ill-mannered, lil’ chic waited until his father finishes his conversation.

‘What are you talking about, papa?’ lil’ chic asked.

‘Owh. . .News~’ Papa chicken answered.

‘What is ‘news’, papa?’ lil’ chic asked again.

‘Owh. . .News are the things that happened around you. Now go play somewhere else, I’m tired’ Papa chicken said.

Again, understood that his father doesn’t want him there, lil’ chic began to explore of what his father had told him.

News is SHIT! (Please pardon my language)
He went back to his house and saw momma chicken eating grains and suddenly something came out of her bottom and an egg and fell off her bottom cracked open and smoke came out of it.

‘Oh, news is shit!’ said lil’ chic.

After a while lil’ chic took a stroll near the water bank. Standing just as close to the river waters, he notice an alligator right in front of him though not as near as to eat him yet.

The alligator was opening his mouth.

‘Oh, news is important!’ said lil’ chic this time.

News is HOT-AIR
Moving further away from the gator’s mouth, lil’ chic kept walking along the river bank. He saw a hippopotamus just appearing from the top of the water surface.

He saw air that resembles of hot-air came out from the hippo’s nose.

‘Oh, news is hot-air!’ concludes lil’ chic this time.

News is BIG
After a while observing his surroundings of ‘news’, he took a stop for water as he is thirsty.

Suddenly, he saw the reflection of a flock of birds of the sky from the surface of the water.

He was amazed.

‘Oh, news is BIG!’ lil’ chic said to himself.

All the walk is making lil’ chic almost lost track of the time. And so he made his way back to his house as the day is nearing dark.

As he reaches the front door of his house, he caught papa chicken bouncing up and down behind momma chicken’s back.

This time he couldn’t make up of ‘the news’ that’s happening in front of him.

A curious being he is, lil’ chic gets closer to his parents. Following the rhythm of his father nodding his head, he asked.

‘What’re you doing, papa?’

‘I’m doing something fun!’ answered papa chicken still bouncing up and down momma chicken’s back.

Papa chicken should enroll in a Mass Comm faculty course and then he will know what ‘news’ is all about. This is because, news is not ‘the things that happened around you’.

Things that happened around you is called as ‘events’. News happened when you report it objectively using resourceful opinions or views form every side.

Situation #1: News is SHIT; sometimes NOT ALL news are true. Some of them even tell lies as not all humans are saints. So, check and double check your sources!

Situation #2: News is IMPORTANT; most of the times news IS important to the community as it can prevent something bad from happening in the future.

Situation #3: News is HOT-AIR; some of the times however, news can be so appealing to the public and attract them to know what is happening next.

Situation #4: News is SENSATION; in some of the other times, news is considered sensational when the people want to know what really happened to the event. In this part, opinions from every side must be obtained as getting an opinion from one side is considered bias.

Still don’t understand, lil’ chic bowed down to his mom still nodding with the rythm, asked,

‘What’re you doing, momma?’

‘I’m doing something that’s painful!’ answered momma chicken.

-End of Story-

Not all stories are one sided and opinions or views from every side is very crucial as it act as an important point to the whole big picture.

What is ‘news’? can you understand a bit now?

  1. paperboy says:

    you almost got me there at the last part. my stupid friend once asked me what news really is outside the dictionary and i told him to buzz off. i think i’ll use your analogy now, thanks icedlemontea! 🙂

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