Four Christmases I saw ‘Four Christmases’ today and it was HILARIOUS! Starring Vince Vaughn(Brad) and Reese Witherspoon(Kate) playing an upscale very happy unmarried couple from San Fransisco who ‘lies’ each Christmas to their family to spend vacations together.

‘You can’t spell ‘families’ without ‘lies’, right?’ – Brad

However their carefully planned Fiji trip for this Christmas was interrupted by the heavy fog that cancelled all the flying trip out from San Fransisco.

Somehow unable to escape from the situation, they have to undergo not one, not two but four relative-chocked festivities that had left them to rewind back to their childhood fears and weird moments.

As they went through it all, they slowly somehow learned the happiness that babies bring to married couple. Things went a bit strained when Kate brought up the ‘marriage’ topic in one of their conversations.

Babies vomitting, loads of wrestling techniques(believe it or not they seemed real enough to me), throwing kids(literally) and. . .pregnancy test. Yes, plus a whole lot of comedies and there you have it, a romantic comedy movie fit for this Christmas season. Worth the watch if you also enjoy ‘Bedtime Stories‘.

*SPOILER!: Somehow Kate had cooties and gone to fat camp and Brad’s real name was Orlando. (O.o)


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