OMG, Robert Pattinson Cut His Hair!?

Posted: December 25, 2008 in Entertainment
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Robert Pattinson haircut; before and after

The sexy vampire star from the recently out movie, ‘Twilight‘, Robert Pattinson has caused and uproar of his fans because of his new hair-do.

Once his perfectly tousled hair -which is perfect for vampiring- has been traded with a Marine-style crew cut.

Fans of the teen heartthrob has gone wild with frenzy on The Net after they found out that he has cut his hair -me too!-

Dubbed as ‘the world’s dreamiest hair’ by Hecklespray, if ever Robert Pattinson had a haircut, the fans would kill themselves.

Well, probably not. has even posted a poll for opinionated hair-istas to vote on how they feel about the shorter more no-fuss look, perfect for typical Hollywood.

His perfectly tousled hair had landed Robert Pattinson for his hot role of the teen vampire, Edward Cullen.

There are even speculations as fans would give Pattinson a chance if he put on a wig instead or even forced him to don hair extensions.

If you think it’s only about his hair that has the fans all over him? think again. The Internet searches didn’t stopped on the hair, it extends to ‘Robert Pattinson Shirtless’,’ Robert Pattinson biography’ and even ‘Robert Pattinson girlfriend’. Quoted from, he also said ‘Well, they’re in love with the character… I really don’t claim anything‘.

Well, it seems to me that Robert Pattinson might have a lot on his plate by now… and it’s not just about his hair.

P/S: Robert Pattinson’s hair reminds me of Patrick Dempsey‘s who played Dr. Derek Shepherd a.k.a McDreamy on the hit TV drama ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘. He had a perfect tousled hair too that drives me nuts just watching him… *starts to daydream, aaahh~

  1. RobertIsanAcoholicFYI says:

    Hes a goof.

    And a drunk.

    But hes hot 😉

    Probably trying to ward off some screaming girls, and go under disgiuse.


  2. liz says:


  3. Cass says:

    It was not his hair that made Twilight, it was his moods, his personality, his uneasiness. Although it may look great short (and yes, it does look great!), I just cannot picture him with short hair in the movie. The way his hair would bounce, and look perfect in the rain, eventhough it was poofed up, was one of the great qualities he had for the movie. Short hair does make him dreamier, but the long hair gave him his complete “Edward” look.

  4. lilly says:

    hey i loved his long hair and i think his new style is still hot but i just cant imagine him with short hair but vampires cant change and yeah the hair is the full edward look and i realy am not so shure about it

  5. Blake says:

    1. That is NOT a crewcut by any means. It’s just a typical short hairstyle.
    2. If his HAIR was the only thing that people liked about him, then he doesn’t deserve any of his fame, because that’s ridiculous.
    3. Why does anyone care? None of you will ever get him. ever. so chill.

  6. nicole says:

    i dont think its bad, i just think its different. he still looks hot, but i just cant imagine him without his long hair.

  7. hailey says:

    i still think that he is hot and it will need some getting used to but now he is not as hot as taylor

  8. Benita Lux says:

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