They are the teen queens and kings, full of surprises and… scandals. From a nobody who you don’t even recognized their faces and now, they are the MOST searched teen celebrity on The Net! According to Lawrence Yee, OMG! Senior Producer, this Top 10s or the New Celebrity Brat Pack are the next big thing that’s going to leave everybody wanting for more.

miley-cyrus1. Miley Cyrus
Disney stars are abundant in Search, and for good reason. When one of the wholesome brand’s stars breaks the happy family façade, chaos ensues. A December Vanity Fair cover featuring 33 years old actress Kate Winslet in nothing but an overcoat and heels barely raised an eyebrow, but an earlier photo shoot that showed a teenaged Miley Cyrus with an exposed back caused a national furor.

Cyrus soon issued a public apology saying she was embarrassed by the photo and thought it was supposed to be ‘astistic’.

Later on the photographer Annie Leibovitz was left to defend her work showing in Vanity Fair the behind-the-scnes account that showed Cyrus’s parents and handlers on the set.

2/3. Vanessa Hudgens/ Zac Efron
When nude shots of actress/singer, Vanessa Hudgens hit the Web in 2007, there were hushes that she would be dropped from the hit High School Musical franchise. As a matter of fact the other way turn around as Vanessa Hudgens became a household name and even got praise in the film. This has got to do with her also famously made boyfriend, Zac Efron and made High School Musical 3 one of 2008’s biggest box-office hits.

4. Jonas Brothers
Like Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers(Kevin, Joe, and Nick)parlayed their Disney series into a successful recording careerChris Brown & Rihanna and the original movie ‘Camp Rock’. Unlike Cyrus, the brothers remained relatively immune from scandal. The rockers still found themselves as tabloid fodder for, of all things, their insistence on. That inspired fans to search on terms like ‘purity rings’.

5/6. Chris Brown/ Rihanna
R&B singers Chris Brown and Rihanna each have major followings, but their relationship catapulted their online popularity to another level. Although they’ve been photographed kissing and vacationing together, Brown continually downplayed their relationship, denials that only fueled more interest.

7. Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift owed her quick ascent to her girl-next-door looks and catchy country songs. The 18 years old singer made her way into the New Brat Pack after she began dating Joe Jonas, and model Gaston starred in her ‘Love Story’ music video as her romantic interest. Fame came at a cost, or at least heartache: Swift topped headlines and pulled searches in November after revealing she was unceremoniously dumped in a 27second phone call. Whoa~

Hayden Panettiere8. Hayden Panettiere
Although the NBC cult favorite ‘Heroes’ slipped in viewers in 2008, series breakout Hayden Panettiere continued to generate interest. The 19 years old’s relationship with her 31 years old costar Milo Ventimiglia. Hey, isn’t the Milo dude was supposed to be with Gilmore Girls’s, sweet Rory? *shocked

9. Jamie Lynn Spears
However, nothing was more shocking than pregnancy of 17 yearsold Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s younger sister. The actress broke the news in late 2007. Executives at Nickelodeon, the network that aired her show ‘Zoey 101’, considered pulling the show out of concern for the message her condition might send to young viewers. However, the show’s fourth and final season (which was pre-taped) aired through May, and Spears gave birth to daughter Maddie Briann in June.

10. Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez, the latest in the line of Disney TV stars with musical aspirations, has already been dubbed ‘the next Miley Cyrus’. Gomez didn’t escape 2008 entirely scandal-free; she and peer Demi Lovato posted a YouTube video mocking Cyrus. The mild smackdown wasn’t the same order of magnitude as other teen stars’ troubles, and, as her fellow New Brat Packers have proved, a little scandal actually can take a career to the next level. And if she doesn’t make it, the next big thing is ready to take her place.

P/S: I just  LOVE Taylor Swift’s songs especially ‘I’m Only Me When I’m With You’.

  1. ayk says:

    Vanessa Hudgens scandal

    She is hot!

  2. Fearless. What’s on Youtube…

    Fearless is the second studio album by American country pop artist Taylor Swift, released on November.
    Taylor Swift – Fearless is the first album since Santana’s Supernatural to top the Billboard 200 for 9 non-consecutive days….

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