Psst.. I’m Broke. Don’t Tell Anybody…

Posted: December 21, 2008 in Food & Beverages, icedlemontea RAW, Life, Relationships
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On a yacht, under the colorful stars with exquisite dinner for 2. Yacht sets into a romantic scene.

Boy talks to girl:

Boy : You’re the one that I’ve waited for so long
(Gives the girl a bouquet of white flowers with a red one just in the middle)
Girl: (smiles and receive the flowers) This night is… perfect
Boy : Perfect night for a perfect girl of mine
(scoop some strawberry chocolate ice-cream and feed it gently to the girl) I love you
Girl: I love you too, so much (smiles with stars in her eyes)


Boatman: Alright, your time’s up get off my boat! and fella, you owe me 5k for the whole day plus the damage you did on my kitchen for trying to cook.
Boy: (surprised) But I haven’t THAT much money!?

Dream ended and boy wakes up utterly soaked in sweat through his white t-shirt.


Well, you certainly don’t want THAT to happen to you. God forbid in the reality. But hey, here are some money-saving dating tips that I found on The Net I would like to share with you. Especially during this recession time I think would be helpful for all.

Cook dinner together
This requires (a) a presentable apartment with a well-stocked kitchen and (b) enough trust on your date’s part to…handle the kitchen and yes, (c) the ability to cook. It can be a twist if your date doesn’t know how and this is YOUR chance to show’em your skills. Sprouse the dinner up with a nice sparkling apple drink on the table (wine’s also a nice touch) and voila, you’ll have saved money over your typical bistro!

Take a walk in the park/beach
If your house’s stated on a beautiful beach that’s a plus but it’s about every girl’s dream to take a long walk whether it’s on a beach or a park. But, just be sure to schedule your stroll so it doesn’t conclude too close to dinnertime in a part of town lined with fancy bars and restaurants. If you’re in KL,Malaysia, you can try the park near the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre(KLCC) and then with only RM28 you can get a ticket to Malaysia’s longest underwater park (Aquaria KLCC) that houses over 250 different species and over 20,000 land and aquatic animals from Malaysia and around the world. Aquaria KLCC is located under KLCC.

Sample some ethnic cuisine
Yurp, stop ordering that usual roti canai at the mamak stall’s and resort to a chapatti or a tosei for once if you want an Indian flavor. If you like HOT food there’s a place that absolutely gives me the kick of Thai cuisine is the restaurant at Sg. Besi adjacent to the Sg. Besi’s STAR LRT and near to Universiti Putra Malaysia(UPM). It’s named ‘Minie Corner’ and is not actually has a sign-yet- but you can clearly know it as it has the most COLORFUL decorations and with the combination of wood architecture. It is also near to a car wash and is open from 5pm-3am. Way to go for a budget dinner and get your car cleaned at the same time, eh? Or you can try Chinese. Hehe~

bikeGo on a bike ride
This one is tricky, because it requires you to own a bike—and owning a bike is tricky, because it requires you to own a helmet, knee pads, an annoying little ‘get out of my way!’ bell, and all sorts of other gadgets. However, if you already own a bike and all the accessories, and your date does too, a long bike ride won’t cost you anything but calories. Now, if you like this idea but don’t own a bike, spend a Saturday afternoon date renting a tandem bike — you know, the classic ‘bicycle built for two’ — in the park. It’s fun, outdoorsy and athletic…and less pricey than a fancy brunch spot.

Rent a movie
Great line from The Simpsons’ hack actor Troy McClure: ‘I’ve been reading a lot of scripts lately. It’s a lot cheaper than actually going to the movies!’ If you can convince your date to, rent a DVD (or better yet, tuning in something on basic cable) can be a great way to snuggle up and get to know each other. Just avoid anything involving Steven Seagal, giant insects etc…

Flash a coupon
Think about it: If a restaurant really wanted you to use that 25%-off coupon, would they demand that you show it to your waiter, in full view of your date, the instant you sit down? Still, coupons can be a good way to have your dating cake and eat it too, especially if you can wave them at the maitre d’ when your gal pal isn’t looking. (You can also be honest and suggest trying a particular restaurant because you happen to have the coupon. I don’t recommend this, but some people insist it works.)

dessertsJust have coffee and dessert
‘It’s romantic to share your food, and women love to linger over chocolate while gazing into their lovers’ eyes,’ says relationship coach Kathy Stafford. Of course, the tricky part about this is how one goes about scheduling a coffee-and-dessert date without actually having dinner. Since neither of you will want to clean the dishes after dating tip #1, above, this may be a good way to a) avoid your responsibilities and b) show that you still have some folding money.

P/S: I hope this helps for your ‘recession dating’ budget plan. Cherio! (^_^)


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