I went with my dad to send my mom at her workplace this morning, we took the usual road and passed by the New JB customs -CIQ- which is the new immigration point if you want to go to Singapore which is by the way, has a pretty IMPRESSIVE architecture judging by how it looked from the top level of my gym floor when I’m on the treadmill.

Anyway back to me now, usual peek hour of the morning everybody’s rushing to their desired location with 145 horse power of their cars, ANYTHING is bound to happened even off the road.

Hey, I’m not blaming every individual that is behind the wheels of every accident that happened in this world. It just the level of their mentality that should be blamed at.


Yea, ride it you jerk!

I was at the back seat when my dad wants to drop my mom off to her office and this motorcyclist came out from behind our car and crashed a little bit of the end on my side of the door when I was just about to open it on the left side of the car. It has to be noted here that it IS the spot of dropping point of passengers.

And yes maybe I was part of the fault because I forgot to look behind before opening the door. But as far as I’m concern there isn’t any law of the road in Malaysia stating that any motorist can overtake another’s vehicle on the LEFT side of the road. And it is CLEARLY the Spot for dropping passengers off and you shouldn’t even be speeding here in the first place.

Judging by the law I AM not guilty here. But as I have civics I went outside and apologize to the apparent guilty-by-law motorist, and his passenger. Follow suite was my dad and of course he defended me and said sorry again for my behalf.

It was jammed packed with other cars queuing behind waiting for our car to move that time. The motorist just doesn’t want to shut up and keeps blaming me for not looking behind before opening the door and honestly, I think it was the ONLY point of his entire babbling.

Suddenly my dad took out his wallet and pulled a 50 Malaysian Ringgit and gave it to him. 50? the only casualty I saw on his passenger was a SCRATCH on her left shin and NOTHING on the motocycle!

It can be tolerated if the motorist broke his arm -wish it did!- or his motorcycle suddenly fell apart but it was NOTHING! and my dad gave him 50bucks? That guy doesn’t even suppose to deserve a penny!

When we were back in the car and we were on the road again heading to my dad’s office, I asked him the reason he gave the good-for-nothing motorist 50bucks when clearly we have the right not too.

Called it bribery he said but he didn’t want any fight to occur as everybody else was in a rush to go to work too and the queue behind our car was increasing. It was also to shut the low-life-motorist’s mouth so that we can get a move on with our life a bit faster.

The motorist and his passenger still live and his motorcycle still works very well. The one thing that can be a concern is of the passenger’s left shin to be healed with loads of stitches before a hemorrhage occur. . . NOT!

And guess what? we still lost 50bucks today to the schmuck motorist.

P/S: Hurmm, makes me wonder why Malaysia’s rank drops down on the Freedom House’s Global Press Freedom Ranking for 2008. With all that has been happening and this minor little things happened in any time, honestly, I’m not surprise at all.



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