Put Your Lights Out Fella!

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Health, icedlemontea RAW, Life
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Cigarette packs will carry pictorial warnings by January 1st, 2009. Malaysian Health Minister, Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said that a minimum of RM6.00 for 20-cigarrete pack will be charged to consumers. Non-smoking premises also will be extended.

Get it? Do not smoke. It is bad for you!

Get it? Do not smoke. It is bad for you!

 Previous warnings will be adding up the 4000 types of chemicals used in cigarettes and an advisory against selling cigarettes to those aged 18 years and below must be printed on the side of each pack.

Referring to the 2% reduction of smokers over the past 10 years, Malaysia hopes that with the implementations will expect a large decrease on numbers of smokers in Malaysia.

Manufacturers will also be banned from using words such as ‘low tar’, ‘light’, ‘ultra-light’ and ‘mild’ on their packages upon the time of this latest ruling.

Joining with the other 15 countries that heed to the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, Liow said that Malaysia’s National Service camps will also be made a non-smoking premise.
P/S: Really? more non-smoking areas? my uni IS a non-smoking area, it even state a friggin big sign on the main entrance even stating ‘Dilarang merokok di kawasan ini’ translation: Strictly no smoking in this area. But heck, I hope with the new ruling WILL knock some sense onto the thick minded people yea? Or better still, just increase the price to an apalling point like, RM 15.00 per pack or something like that, yea? I think that is more likely to see a capital impact. Then again, just my two cents =>

Click on thestar online for the full story.

  1. shirokanzaki says:

    hahahahaha…pedih tul rse..

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