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Posted: September 1, 2008 in Life, Malaysia
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Politics of Race 2.(updated: September 1st, 2008)

“Bangsa Melayu has always been the “tuan” in Tanah Melayu since centuries ago. Just as the Chinese, Indian, Japanese and the Germans, in theirs”. – Dr Hassan Ahmad, former Malaysian permanent rep at the UNESCO, quoted in “… Yes, this is about Malaysia!”

Original article
Politics of Race.

At midnight, prominent human rights lawyer Malik Imtiaz launched Project Malaysia, a non-profit initiative he has put together with some friends. The “experiment” will run for a year, during which it will explore 12 core Malaysian themes through “comprehensive no-holds-barred, critical discourse in which all stakeholders have a chance to put measured views across”.

“The aim,” Malik says, “is to find solutions for a better nation and craft a blueprint for the future.”

The initiative debuts with its first core theme, Politics of Race. A piece full of promise and optimism. I want to share Malik and Michelle’s confidence, but I do think that, after March 8 and Anwar Ibrahim’s win in Permatang Pauh, “race is no longer a pivotal consideration in (Malaysians’) quest for what they believe is right”? I have my doubts. I ‘d say we are not there yet. But, hey, read the piece and tell them what you think.


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