Anwar is Opposition Leader!

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Malaysia
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Anwar IbrahimDatuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has made a grand come back to the Dewan Rakyat, defeating his closest rival, Barisan Nasional’s Arif Shah by more than 15,561 votes in 26 August, 2008 by-election for the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat.

The other contender, Hanafi Mamat of Akim who secured only 92 votes, lost his deposit.

Anwar’s majority exceeded that of his wife Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Ismail who garnered a 13,000-majority in the March 8 general election.

With this victory, Anwar, whose Parti Keadilan Rakyat has the most number of seats among the Opposition parties, would be made Opposition Leader.

PS: While I congratulate Anwar on his victory, I pray that is as far as he gets.

  1. Malbru says:

    Kami rakyat Malaysia di Brunei penyokong PKR mengucapkan tahniah atas kemenangan DSAI. Kami berdoa DSAI akan sentiasa berada dalam kandongan sihat walafiat dan akan dapat memimpin negara yang tercinta

  2. Camar Pagi says:

    For a person who has absolutely no formal political background, anwar’s definitely knows his way around the field. yea, destroying the people around him as he passes that is. his motive is obviously out in the open, ‘I WANT TO BE PM, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT’. but if he EVER be one, what is he going to do to recover back all of the messes that he has done? by making yet another Projek Kandang Raksasa? i don’t think so.

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