Concern Citizen? Bite Me!

Posted: May 24, 2008 in icedlemontea RAW
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Touch \'N\' Go and Reload section, Skudai Tol PlazaThis morning I went to help dad in distributing today’s newpapers of Berita Harian at Skudai Tol Plaza in conjunction to the start of school holidays. Boy the traffic was awesome because we managed to distribute 2000 copies of the papers in nearly 2hrs as we start at around 8am and finished at precisely 9.51am.

           After that, I went to help around the Spell-It-Right(Junior) challenge event organized by RHB bank and NST at Industrial Technology Institute here in Johor. Being as it is ‘junior’ and it is a spellig contest, you get the drill it was for primary student. Words from as simple ‘coal’ to, as I can say quite tough for a primary student, the word ‘regrigerator’, in the final round. Amanda Ooi won the 1st prize and the 2nd prize goes to the participant from Tebrau Primary School.

           A contestant from Mutiara Rini Primary School takes home the 3rd prize. There’s a Malay Spell-It-Right Junior Challengesaying, ‘Sambil menyelam minum air’(to drink water while diving) meaning doing something that you like and getting something that benefits you back. So I met some new people there from the event management crew, Saphire Event Management, Bid, who was incharge with the cameras and the NST Corporate Comm. Manager, Nazril. I like going to such events as I get to meet all sorts of people.

           Talking about people, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, true? some like cherry on top of their strawberry ice cream, some like wearing torned jeans and some just dispises their country. Hey, What’s wrong with that eh? I am intrigued by the last one on hating your own country. I get it that some governments in countries are just dumb or ‘acting dumb’ on the people’s needs and all but hating YOUR own country? For goodness sakes you ARE living in the country that you hate. Have some respect on yourself and if you want to express your anger on it on a blog for example, do it away for your country, don’t you have any shame?

            Even if your country is rated as the most in-debt country to the World Bank, hey, you still have money to buy food and you can still study til’ the tertiary stage in YOUR country. Who do you think you are, a ‘concern citizen’? I challenge you to run as an opposition party in the election(If you are illegible enough) and there see if you actually have the guts to do the walking as you do the talking.

            And please dig more on the subject if you want to bombard your country with such shame and don’t just beat around the bushes by mocking other countries as well based on one perspective only as if you are the ONLY one who knows EVERYTHING. Go build your OWN country in some place else then if you think you are so great that you even hate the country that you LIVE in.

Your country maybe cruel and you are just PATHETIC.


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