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Posted: May 22, 2008 in icedlemontea RAW
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The only team that carries an umbrella.. seriously (^_^)Last Sunday I participated in the JB Walker Hunt challenge. It was a treasure hunt challenge but the twist is, yes, you have to walk. The ‘JB’ stands for JohorBuzz, it is a supplement regional paper that comes with the News Straits Times(NST) paper that is available only in Johor, Malaysia. The challenge consists of 160 groups made out of 4 members and the prizes are fairly HOT, seriously, a grade-A house for a treasure hunt challenge worth nearly RM200k? who doesn’t want it?  I do! Oh well, I got into this thing was because mom entered my name anyways, saying with a lot of enthusiasm,

‘ Hey, we can do the mother-daughter bonding thing. It’ll be so much fun!’

          You should see her expression, you cannot turn it down it’s awful. And with my twisted ankle still recovering! I still thought I was mad that time trying to not hurt mom’s feeling but risking hurting my ankle again. But through the hunt our group (mom’s friends, mom and I) started with really slow paced walk as I couldn’t run, seriously, our team was practically the last team to leave the starting point to the first checkpoint, about 800metres. Cool as a cat we even brought an umbrella! Some of the passers-by even took photos of us. It was cool though the 10km walk worth the while. I get to spend time with mom, go to the zoo for the second time (I don’t like going to the zoo as a kid because of the lions, they scared me that time), I got to go to mom’s old school a quite nostalgic moment for mom there and when we got to the finish line though we were not the first to arrived but we made the 62nd team! from the last to 62nd, not bad for the only team that brings an umbrella eh? 😉 More pictures on JB Walker Hunt here!

I dunno, they just came up to me asking for a pictureA day before the JB Walker Hunt I had anticipated in a workshop organized by the NST company at a primary school here in Johor (KoKo Smart Start Camp 2008). I was one of the facilitators there teaching the school kids English language. They were ‘alive’ I tell you, their faces are so innocent that is the reason why I like kids I guess. Talking to them sometimes eases me of the things that worries me, do you ever get that feeling? For me, I find that talking to grown-ups is at times scary compare talking to kids. They’re so carefree, they have nothing to think only to enjoy their childhood, eat a lot of sweets and play all day.

          For us we have everything to worry about, college GPA, relationships, debts(thank goodness I don’t have any, yet, fewh!) and when we eat a lot of sweets our pounds will start to pack and when we say ‘play’ it’s either sports, PS3 or sex. Whereas the only thing that a kid might get worried about is getting a tooth pulled out from eating too much sweets. Oh gosh don’t you wish you were a kid back? Being loved by everybody, do anything run around jump everywhere and all that they can say is,

‘it’s okaay, they’re just kids!’

More pictures on KoKo Smart Sstart Cmap 2008 here!


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